The Post Your Girl Thread. The Girlfriend/Wife thread


As the title implies post pictures of your Girlfriend or Wife here.

Note: no fake ass models or porn stars (unless you can provide proof that you are really hooking up with it)

My Wife and me in Maui


This will not bode well when members of will be waxing off and waxing on to pictures of other SRK members’ significant other.



god i hit the jackpot.



:wow: :tup:



+1 ???


Chica chica chica chica chica chica chica Ching. :party:


Sadly this thread does nothing but to further the stereotype that only )0.000000001% of SRK have GFs/Wives.



ricky has a wife ;-;



here is my soon to be wife and chances are she could beat you in tekken too, not many girls can do that sort of thing, at least that i have met


Pfft…I’ll beat the bitch with Craig.


and she plays 3s


if your one of those who charge tackles all the time she can get around it, but if you play craig the right way, i’m sure u could beat her


three letters friend.





i love her hair, she looks really cute


Yeah…but I can beat her with Craig.



that is gHz


will u be my g/f :tup:


san dimas hmm? i must investagate


i love this guy


har har