The potential of fighters on the Nintendo 3DS


I didn’t see a thread like this anywhere else so I figured I could post about it.

The 3DS has a lot of hype behind it with an absolutely killer line up with nothing but games. We also know SSFIV is due for a 3DS edition pretty soon, depending on the success of it what other fighters would you like to see appear on the 3DS?

Personally I’m all up for a port of Darkstalkers Chronicle/Chaos Tower from the PSP to the 3DS if it’s possible, I think the series could benefit from more exposure from a larger demographic on Nintendo’s handheld. I would also like to see a Marvel vs Capcom 3DS edition if it is also possible.

I dunno, just tossing ideas around. So are you up for more support for fighters on the 3DS or against it?


Fighters have never been popular on hand helds except for quick ports and cash in games.


Alexander is right.

However,I do think that if a fighter was made exclusively for a handheld(at this point its only the 3DS because PSP is dead commercially) and was made specifically with the handhelds features in mind then it could be a success.If there was a deep and therefore competitive system then it could go beyond just a novelty cash in game.


No-one plays fighters on handhelds because fighters are meant to be played with people.

And before someone comes up with a dumbass remark about, “well you can play via online or whatever” or something, take a minute to think about that statement above and it’ll be clear.


Y’know. If we got DARKSTALKERS 4, or a DARKSTALKERS HD REMIX, maybe the 3DS is where Capcom should look to for a test of how Darkstalkers would fare in 3D (Both types, pop-off screen 3D and 3D graphics.)


All that needs to be said is that we need a 3rd Bleach DS fighter.