The Power of Bushin...Guy Video Thread!



Keeping up with the Cody subforum, post Guy videos here!





More Profound…gorgeous-ness???

Alpha 2

A-ism Guy combo Alpha 3

Alpha 3 Super Combo


i dont think its a good idea to post alpha guy vid. please let this thread be only ssf4.theres millions of guy vids in the sfa section.


Well the alpha vids are all we have to go by right now really…




Any video of his super?


Guy SSF4 Vids:













Doh. Profound beat me to this one.


Guy vs Guile



Yah I have only seen one I will try to find it. I think it took place on the Africa board.


his super is the aa one. but i do miss his kick super


Looks like the command jump elbow misses crouching opponents :x


No, check again, it’s crouch blockable at 2:25


yea it prolly didt hit crouch the 1st time bc he did it late in the jump animation


Ahh okay. I was hoping for an overhead, oh well. lol


well bunshinflip elbow is a overhead lol. in a2 in the corner some chars crocuhin hit box wouldnt let guys hp elbow hit for soem reason. but his low and medium punches worked.prolly will be the g\same for some chars here.


New Guy vs Cody:



Ive noticed that the players in these videos are sandbagging hard. They go from randomly pressing buttons to high level shit. I think this is why capcom hasn’t told them to take these vids down.


Here is an other one vs Guile.



Guy Vs Ken Vid