The Power of Chi! Official Iron Fist thread!




S-Kill Breakdown:

Extended S-Kill Iron Fist Breakdown (From Tokyo GameShow):;img;8 (Cannot embed link FYI)
And another:

Assist Me Iron Fist! (finally!)
(Can’t seem to skip to section, it begins @ 9:45)

Maximilian’s Take:

TSG Gameplay:

More Gameplay:

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Danny Rand a.k.a IRON FIST is officially coming to Ultimate MvC3!

Costume Breakdown:

Theme!: [media=youtube]s_tz9kQDH0w[/media]

He looks very much to be in the style of Fei Long moveset wise (which makes total sense since he is a true martial arts master in the Marvel Universe), and also seems to have a focus attack as well.

3 Supers:
Level 1: Fists of Fury (Mashable for more hits)- Think Berserker Barrage, heavily armored.
Level 1: Pillar of the Dragon (Mashable for more hits)- Tall energy cone, should be useful against airborne opponents or incoming divedicks.
Level 3: The Power of Chi(li)- Massive damage off a 1 inch punch. It’s a strike not a grab regardless of how the cinematic looks (which is pure badass). Does not OTG.


8 Rekkas!

He has power up states which give different properties. DP input for power up state.
Red = More power (DP + L)
Blue = Higher defense (DP + M)
Green = More meter gain (DP + H)

While not as recognizable as any of the X-Men, Iron Fist is a longtime favorite of many in the Marvel fanbase, and this looks like a solid representation of him.

Breakdown courtesy of El_Maiz:
Okay, let’s see. Gameplay

He has what appears to be an overhead, OTGs, links into specials. Command normal? :35
Some sort of low kick?
Of course, analyze fists.
Cobra-Strike esque special :35
Two up-kicks that also seem cancelable into specials. Shown canceling into Dragon Kick at :18
Crumple move :30
Wallbounce move Hereat :28
Invincible rushing punching super. Wallbounce :45 Here does almost HALF of Dante’s health!
Spirit of the Dragon, super Mighty Tornado. 1:49 Seems to do less damage.
POWAH OF CHI Not a grab, definitely a hit. Seems to hit all around him, and probably does massive damage. 2:12
Look at the video above. Look at how much damage is done from :41 to :45.
Four hits. ON CHRIS.

Will update further when home from work. Doing this while teaching a studyhall today.


I thought that I had read “The Power of Chili” or something lol


Fist looks pretty damn cool. his hypers are good, that’s for sure. Spirit of the Dragon looks like Mighty Tornado with a bigger hitbox, Fists of Fury seems to have invincibility frames and wall carries, and his lvl 3 can activate on opponents out of the air. curious about those style changes too, looks like he has three (red, blue, and green, whatever those are supposed to be).


I’m so fucking hype for Iron Fist omg I want this game so bad now :frowning:


plays exactly how i thought he was going to be , pretty impressed

he looks like he hurts alot aswell

a move that crumples


Really loving how easily he can transition into his hypers from his crumple attack (Is the crumple an effect from one of his chi powers-ups? A command normal?). His OTG-capable heel kick will definitely help extend his combos. Really looking forward to learning more about the nature and variations of his Chi-Hand power-ups.


his lvl 3 is begging me to say “HOLD THAT L SON”

i just noticed in one of the vids when he got team aerial combo’d he lost his chi stacks…idk if its cause of the combos or cause of the time but well have to see


he also looks like he has a fast ground overhead , i hate them but yes please


I’m hugely excited for Iron Fist, but it looks like we have another character who has essentially no way of getting in. Am I missing something? Where are the mixups?

And he seems to play like Fei Long but without the air options. So I guess he’s godlike in the area 4 feet directly in front of him? And absolutely everywhere else he isn’t a threat at all?


I’m assuming he’s like She-Hulk.


thats what i thought to when i seen him…its probaly a way for him to get in or he needs good assist. the mofo hits like a truck


Nah, Iron Fist=Fei Long in Marvel. He going to have some ghetto rekkas>overheads due to the stances.


Love how he uses Chi in his specials, and all of his hypers look effective and cool.

Much hyper for Danny than I originally thought I would be.


Can’t wait to find out what all the different chi power ups work.
Looks like he has a blue, green and red power up with yellow fist just happening with certain specials.
lasts 3 to 4 in game seconds and if you tag out while its active you still have it when you tag back in.


Danny’s looking pretty badass, and I’m really intrigued by the chi system he’s got goin’. I personally assumed it was just a stock system that would affect some properties of his special moves, like Dorm’s spells but, y’know, different.

Wish they hadn’t gone with the old-school look, though, because he looks kinda goofy and short.

What was wrong with the awesome look from the Immortal Iron Fist series?


Him and Hsien-Ko are gonna go together like peas in a pod with the Chinese themes and Tenrai-Ha+Spirit of the Dragon.

Definitely a strong contender for use in UMvC3.


I like that costume much more than his current one.


He looks so amazing! Leave it up to Capcom to finally represent this guy properly in any form of media.

Definitely a potential new main for me.


That shit better be a alt costume. Looks to sick.


Also: money on a Power Man alt. color.


Love the immortal iron fist costume and i hope im wrong but for a dlc costume they will probably give us the avengers costume.