The power of friendship! - List of moves that benefit from team format


This is going to be an interesting subject to explore as far as team dynamics go. Post here moves that become more useful using the team mechanics, and explain how and why.

Bob’s ff+1+2 throw
One of the nerfs to the juggle starter throw from T6 is that now it it flips the opponent, and gives you a really shitty juggle that does 43 damage max and no oki. But if you instead start with ff+2 into a tag assault that flips them over, you get overall 68 + oki. That’s a huge buff compared to most tag assaults, and makes Bob’s throw game dangerous again.

Zafina’s ws+2
In Tekken 6 Zafina had to choose between a simple ws+2 (punishable on block, gives juggle) and ws+2~d+3+4 (doesn’t give juggle but safe on block because of the automatic back roll).
Now with the way tag launchers work, Zafina can option select and input ws+2~5~d+3+4. That way she gets the best of both worlds, and a safe ws launcher. If it hits, the other character will come and can proceed to juggle. If it gets blocked, Zafina will go into her safe back roll.

Anna’s FC d/f+2
Anna’s sweep doesn’t not give her much in solo mode. She can hit with FC d+3,2 but that’s about it. But in a tag team, since d+3,2 also happens to be a taggable launcher against a standing opponent, it can be tag cancelled into the partner. This Allows Anna to get a full juggle (that also removes red life) off of her sweep. For example: FC d/f+2 d+3,2~5 (tagging to zafina) 1+2 b! f+234 for 63 damage. (And more if you are going to use TA.)

Lee’s d/f+323 and ws+32
Both are taggable launchers against a standing opponent, and both can be used after a bound to produce a nice wall carry. If you use them to get the opponent to the wall at the end of the juggle, cancel them into a tag, and do the wall combo with the partner. That way not only you can do more damage (if the partner has a better wall combo that Lee’s) but you also remove red life.

Post more examples if you have any. :slight_smile:


:eek: Love the name of this thread. I’ll post anything I find since I’ve been exploring this lately.


Anna actually does have some decent solo combo options off FC d/f+2 unless I’m doing something wrong…

e.g. FC d/f+2, FC d/f+4,1, f+2, f+3,2 B! qcf+2,1 = 66 dmg


So basically you want people to list every move that can be tag buffered in the game?

Um…that seems like a bit too much, considering that most launchers other than hop-kicks and d/f+2 uppercuts can be tag buffered. Which means all of them benefit from tag combos.

Why not just post throws that can be tag buffered?


:eek: It’s more like he’s saying “Which tag bufferable moves present situations outside of launch > combo or just a setup?”

The Zafina example is pretty good at demonstrating this. If Zafina were alone, she’d either have to risk the launch being punishable and just do it or she could second guess herself and make it safe, but not be able to follow up if it did hit. With the tag system, she has the best of both worlds. Similarly with Anna, she straight up doesn’t get a combo off of the FC launcher in the example. Again, with the tag system, her partner can make beefy damage happen off of move that normally wouldn’t be so threatening.

Jun’s b+1+3~5_b+2+4~5 is a good example. If Jun reverses an attack, she gets pretty decent oki from it, but she can tag off of the reversal to give her partner what is, in essence, “fake” frame advantage. These are just a few examples of all the cool setups some characters are capable of. Moves like Leo’s taggable W! throw and Michelle’s taggable W! throw also get a boost with a partner who can tag in and get some great damage off of a situational occurrence.


This probably isn’t the best example, but Kunimitsu’s 1+2 grab (u/f+1+2 or SET 1+2) doesn’t guarantee you any damage, and just puts you both in BT state, so effectively they don’t have to worry about taking damage from a 1+2 grab. But with Yoshimitsu, you can do u/f+1+2~5 to tag throw to Yoshimitsu for normal throw damage and get rid of red life. You also get a cool animation :stuck_out_tongue:

With throws being reactable, this probably isn’t such a big deal, though.