The Power of Gaia! The Storm Combo Thread!



This will be our new thread for compiling and discussing Storm combos of all types.

Please feel free to post your assist specific combos, team specific combos, resets/mixups, DHC combos, character specific combos and solo Storm combos here.

No Xfactor combos, unless its something earthshaking. We all know that a lvl3XFC BnB will go for 100%, we just don’t need to see all the variations.
Try to include notation and damage data. When posting team specific combos, make sure to say who is in the team.

If you see any blank or incorrect damages/combos that break from hit-decay, feel free to tell me in post to this thread, or PM me with the correct damage, or tell me where the combo breaks, and I’ll try to fix it. Also, I won’t be testing the character specific combos on the entire cast, so please enclose a list of who the combo works on in your post.

Link to the old thread here:

I will update this once or twice a week.


~intro & thread design by Mr.Nannie, edited, adapted, and compiled by Sausagephiliac

*Often, you can add the full opening magic series for more meter, however, sometimes the extra hits will break the combo due to hit-decay.

*Going for three Lightning Attacks in a row is unreliable due to a known glitch where Storm can only do two Lightning Attacks midair instead of 3 midair. Two Lightning Attacks will always come out.

*It is always possible to exchange OTG Hail Storms at the ends of combos for a Elemental Rage, which can be lead into a DHC glitch combo. Just remember to adjust ranges with :l:, :m:, and :h:

*To do the Instant :s: Overhead (written as Instant Float xx j:s:/j:h:/j:m:/j:l:), you tap :u::u: real fast, making you float, then press :s:, which will cancel the float and cause an instant overhead. If you do the second :u: too late, an upwards air-dash will come out instead of float. Storm has a height limit on her airdashes, so doing the second :u: super fast will guarantee an Instant Float.

*j:h: causes more hit stun than j:s:, whereas j:s: does more damage than j:h:; use j:h: in combos and use j:h: to start them if you’re having trouble comboing after the Instant Overhead.

*Nearly all of Storm’s combo’s can begin with j:s:/j:h: (j:h: is more lenient), and you can easily land this j:s: off of a block-string that ends in either :m: or cr:h:, because they are both jump cancelable into the instant overhead. Refer to the above text for said Instant Overhead.

*Doing a DHC trick into Taskmaster OTG will only work if you hit the opponent with an Elemental Rage while they’re AIRBORNE.

*Doing a DHC trick into Sentinel’s HSF won’t work if on these characters if you hit the Elemental Rage OTG:
Shuma Gorath
Tron Bonne

Latest Update (5.8.11)

  • Added two more notes

:l: - Light Atk
:m: - Medium Atk
:h: - Hard Atk
:s: - Launcher
:atk: - Any Atk
:b: - Back
:d: - Down
:f: - Forward
:u: - Up
^ - Super Jump Cancel from Launch
j - Jump
sj- Super Jump
jc - Jump Cancel
~ - Link(combos), Approximate(data)
xx - Cancel
[ ] - brackets will be used to enclose sequences that will be repeated

Whirlwind - :qcf::atk: (specific atk will be noted, medium whirlwind will appear as :m:Whirlwind)
Typhoon - :qcb::atk: (specific atk will be noted, medium typhoon will apear as :m:Typhoon)
Lightning Attack - Any direction + :atk: + :s: (forward lightning attack will appear as :f:Lightning Attack)
Lightning Sphere - :dp::atk: (specific atk will be noted, medium lightning sphere will appear as :m:Lightning Sphere)
Fly - :qcb::s: (fly will appear as “Fly”)
Air-Dash - Any direction + :atk::atk: (forward air-dash will appear as “adf”)
Instant Overhead - :u::u::s: (this will appear as "Instant Float xx j:s:/j:h:)
Hail Storm - :qcb::atk::atk
Lightning Storm - :qcf::atk::atk:
Elemental Rage - :dp::atk::atk:



cr:l:cr:m:cr:h: xx :m:Whirlwind xx Hail Storm
Damage: 429,300

cr:l:cr:m:cr:h::s: ^ j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s: land, Hail Storm
Damage: 496,300

cr:l:cr:m:cr:h: jc j:m:j:h:j:s: land :m::s: ^ j:m:j:m:j:h: xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :uf:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm
Damage: 510,800


Instant Float xx j:h: cr:m:cr:h: jc :df:Lightning Attack :m:cr:h: jc j:h: xx adf xx j:h: :m::h::s: ^ j:m:j:h:j:s: land, Hail Storm

Lord Zaldivar

cr:l::m:cr:h::s: ^ j:h: xx Fly, j:l:[j:h: xx adf xx] x4 j:h:j:s: land, Hailstorm

Dr. GriMM:

:l::m::h: xx :f:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm (possible to tack on two more Lightning Attacks before the Lightning Storm)
Damage: 421,000

j:s:cr:l:cr:l:cr:m:cr:h: jc j:m:j:m:j:h: land cr:m::h:cr:h::s: ^ j:m:j:m:j:h: xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :uf:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm
Damage: 495,500


j:s:cr:l:cr:m:cr:h: jc j:m:j:m:j:h: land :s: ^ j:m:j:m:j:h: xx adf xx j:s: land, Hail Storm

j:s:cr:l:cr:m:cr:h: jc j:m:j:m:j:h: land :s: ^ j:m:j:h: xx adf xx j:m:j:h: xx :uf:Lightning Attack xx :f:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm


cr:l:cr:m:cr:h: jc :df:Lightning Attack :m: jc :df:Lightning Attack :m::h::s: ^ j:m:j:m:j:h: xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :u:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm
Damage: ~540,000


cr:l::m:cr:h::s: ^ j:h: xx adf xx j:h: xx Fly, j:l:j:m:j:h: [xx adf xx j:h:] x4 xx :f:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm


cr:l:cr:l:cr:m:cr:h::s: ^ :m::m::h: xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :u:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm
Damage: ~555,000


cr:l:cr:m:cr:h: jc j:m:j:m:j:s: land :h:cr:h: jc j:h:j:s: xx adf xx j:s: land :m::h::s: ^ j:m:j:h:j:s: land, Hail Storm
Damage: ~548,000

Instant Float xx j:s: cr:l:cr:m:cr:h: jc :df:Lightning Attack :m:cr:h: jc :h::s: xx adf xx :h: land :m::h::s: ^ j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s: land, Hail Storm
Damage: ~580,000


cr:l::m:cr:h: jc :df:Lightning Attack :m: jc :df:Lightning Attack :m:cr:h::s: ^ j:m:j:h: xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :u:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm
Damage: ~570,000

(Corner) Instant Float xx j:s: land :m:[cr:h: jc Instant Float xx j:h:] x3 cr:h::s: ^ j:m::h: xx adf xx land, Hail Storm
Damage: 603,100

Instant Float xx j:s: land :m:cr:h: jc :df:Lightning Attack :m: jc :df:Lightning Attack :m:cr:h::s: ^ j:m:j:h: xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :u:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm
Damage: 615,200


(Corner) [Instant Float xx j:s: cr:m:cr:h: jc] x3 :s: ^ j:m:j:h:j:s: land, Hail Storm
Damage: 584,600


[Instant Float xx j:l:j:h:] x3 cr:h: jc j:h: xx add land :m:cr:h: jc j:h: xx add land :m:cr:h: jc j:h: xx adf xx j:h: xx :f:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm
Damage: 482,000

[:m:cr:h: jc j:h: xx adf xx j:h: land] x3 :m:cr:h: jc j:h: xx adf xx j:h: xx :f:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm


cr:l::m:cr:h: jc j:h: xx adf xx j:m:j:h: land :m:cr:h: jc j:h: xx addf cr:h: xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :f:Lightning Attack xx :u:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm


:m:cr:h: jc:uf::h:j:m:j:h: land cr:h: jc:uf::h: adf: j:h: land :m:cr:h: jc:uf::h: adf j:h: land :m:cr:h: jc:uf::h: adf j:h: xx :f:LightningAttack xx Electric Storm


cr:l::m:cr:h: jc :df:LA, :m:cr:h: jc j.:h: addf, cr:h: jc j.:h: add, cr:h: jc j:h: addf cr:h::s: ^ j:h:j:s:, Elemental Rage (DHC Glitch finisher)
Damage: ~507,000

cr:l::m:cr:h: jc :f:LA :df:LA, :m:cr:h: jc j:h: addf, cr:h: jc j:h: add, cr:h::s: ^ j:m:j:h:j:s:, elemental rage (DHC Glitch Finisher
Damage: ~521,000

cr:l::m:cr:h:, jc :f:LA :f:LA :df:LA, :m:cr:h:, jc j:h: addf, cr:h: jc j:h: add, cr:h::s: ^ j:h::s:, elemental rage (DHC Glitch Finisher) (hard outside the corner)
Damage: ~543,000


cr:l:cr:m:cr:h: jc j:m:j:m:j:s: :m::h::s: ^ j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s:, Hail Storm or Elemental Rage DHC trick
Damage: 514,100 (Hailstorm Finisher)

cr:l:cr:m:cr:h: jc :f:LA :f:LA :df: LA :m:cr:h: jc j:h: ADF :h: st:m: :h: :s: :h: :s: Elemental rage


Instant Float :j:h :s::m:c.:h:jc.:df: Lightning Attack
land s.:m:c.:h:jc.:h:add c.:h:jc.:h:add c.:h:jc.:h:add c.:h::s:sjc.:h::s: xx Elemental Rage

601,800 Damage - Cost 1 Meter - Builds 1 Meter

620,800 Damage - Hail Storm ender


Works on:
Sentinel (Confirmed)

:s: ^ j:h: Instant Float xx j:h: add xx j:h: land j:h: xx add land cr:h: jc j:h: land :s: ^ j:h: xx :uf:Lightning Attack xx :uf:Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm

Works on:
Sentinel (Confirmed)

:s: ^ j:h: Instant Float xx j:h: add xx j:h: land j:h: xx add land cr:h: jc j:h: land :s: ^ j:h: xx adf xx j:h:j:s: land, Hail Storm (Elemental Rage) (For the ending j:h: xx adf xx j:h:j:s:, you’ll need to be a little higher than Sentinel for the :s: to connect). ~ Ending Variation by Mr.Nannie


The DHC Glitch is described in-depth here:

The DHC glitch allows the player to reset the damage scaling in a combo, and to some extent the hit-decay. This is done by DHCing from a cinematic level 1 super into a super that doesn’t directly hit the enemy (e.g. Wolvie’s B.Charge, Dante’s D. Trigger). Storm’s super for the lead-in of the DHC glitch is her Elemental Rage super. Elemental Rage is a OTG super, but comes out much, much faster than Hail Storm. It’s range can be adjusted by not touching anything after the :dp::atk::atk:, holding :l:, :m:, or :h:. :l: hits at half of the zoomed out screen, :m: hits at 3/4 of the screen if the camera is zoomed out, and :h: hits hits near the edge of the zoomed out screen.

The Elemental Rage can be used to punish from fullscreen Shot Supers such as Dante’s Million Dollars, V. Joe’s Six Cannon, Arthur’s Goddess Bracelet, etc.



(Wolvie):h::s: ^ :m::m::h::s: land :a2:(Akuma Tatsu):df::m:, :h::s: ^ :m::h::f::s: (Storm enters) :m::h::s: land, Elemental Rage xx DHC B.Charge (Wolvie enters):h::s: ^ :m::m::h: xx Drill Claw, Dive Kick, land :h::s: ^ :h::s:


(Storm):m:cr:h: jc :m::m::h: land :m:cr:h: jc :h: adf :h: land :m:cr:h::s: ^ :m::h::s: land, Elemental Rage xx DHC B.Charge (Wolvie enters) j:m:j:h:j:s: land j:m:j:h:j:s: land :s: ^ j:m:j:m:j:l:j:h: xx Drill Claw (xx Fatal Claw or link either Dive Kick or Aerial Exchange)
Damage: +1,300,000

(Storm) cr:m:cr:h: jc :df:Lightning Attack :m:cr:h: jc j:h: adf j:h: land :m::h: xx Elemental Rage DHC Aegis Counter (Taskmaster enters) cr:l:cr:m::h::f::h: j:m:j:m: :f::h: j:m:j:m:j:s: land :b::h: (slight pause) :s: ^ j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s: land j:uf::h:arrow(charge) xx Legion Arrow(:m::h:) (Corner)
Midscreen end with j:s: land j:uf: Legion Arrow(:l::h:)
Damage: 1,130,000 (Corner), 1,065,000 (Midscreen)

Instant Float j:h: cr:m:cr:h: jc:uf: :df:Lightning Attack land :m:cr:h: jc:uf: j:h: adf j:h: land :m::h::s: ^ j:m:j:h:j:s: land Elemental Rage, DHC HSF :s: ^ j:m:j:h:j:s: land :l:RocketPunch xx HSF ~ Energy Ball Super (if in corner *energy ball after is not confirmed). (also end-able with DHC HSF :s: ^ j:m:j:h: xx Aerial Exchange to switch into storm/third char) ~ Variation by Sausagephiliac



(Storm)j:s: land :l::m::s: ^ j:h: xx Fly, j:l:j:h: xx add xx j:h: land :m:cr:h: jc Instant Float xx j:h::a2: (Magneto HyperGrav) land, Hail Storm
Damage: ~660,000


(Storm) j:s: land :m:cr:h: jc j:h: xx add land :m:cr:h: jc Instant Float xx j:h::a2: (Chun-Li Legs) land Instant Float xx j:h: land, Fly j:h: xx add j:h: land :m:cr:h::s::a1:(Dante Jam Session) Fly, j:h:j:s: land, Hail Storm
Damage: ~675,000



(Storm) Instant Float xx j:s: land :m:cr:h: jc :df:Lightning Attack :m::s: ^ :m::m::h::s: land, Elemental Rage xx DHC HSF (Sentinel enters) :s: ^ j:m:j:h:j:s: land, :l:RocketPunch xx HSF :s:
Damage: ~1,019,000


Storm/Thor (ground bounce assist)

cr:l::m::h:,:df:Lightning Attack,:m:cr:h:,jc:h: xx add ,cr:h:, jc:h::s: xx adf j:h:,:m:cr:h:,jc:h::a1:(thor groundbounce assist) xx adf j:h:(ground bounce),cr:h::s:,sj:h::s:, E. Rage, DHC Thor’s grab for reset into Thor combo of choice.


Instant Air xx j.:m:, xx land xx :m: xx Instant Air j.:l:, j.:h: xx land xx cr.:l:, cr.:m:, cr.:h:, jc. uf. j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h: xx land xx juf.:m:, j.:m:, j.:s: xx land xx (Option 1)/(Option2)

Option 1: “DHC Trick w/ Wesker” - s.M xx c.H, M Whirlwind xx Elemental Rage (If you notice the foe should be high enough for you to land c.M before they hit the ground) xx DHC into Rhino’s charge xx c.M, s.H (two hits) xx Ghost Butterfly > L Teleport, c.M, s.H (two hits), launch, j.M, j.M, j.H xx Phantom Dance/ Team Aerial Combo Down for extra meter bar (Storm should come back in), j.M, j.H xx adf xx j.H xx Lightning attack UF , Lightning attack U xx Lightning Storm

Damage (Option 1):
Damage (Option 2):




One thing to keep in mind is that j:h: has more hit stun than j:s:.
Even though j:s: does about 8k more damage I almost always use j:h: for IOH.

And a note about your description of instant float. There is one thing that you told me that helped alot that you didnt mention above; Storm has a minimum height she must reach when jumping before she can air dash. So if you do it fast enuf it will work.
Side note: I wonder how the mechanics work on this, exactly, because if it is strickly a height, from floor level, that determines when storm can air dash; you could possibly make instant floats easier by doing an angled jump, if you situation permits it.

Also I cant claim the combo in the Character Specific section that you listed under my name; I just suggested an alternate ending to ECZANGEIF’s combo to set up for a HailStorm or ElementalRage.
And Id like to update my Storm/Wolverine combo as well as add a Storm/Taskmaster

cr:m:cr:h: jc:uf: :df::atk::s: land :m:cr:h: jc:uf: j:h: adf j:h: land :m::h::s: ^ j:m:j:h:j:s: land Elemental Rage, DHC B.Charge (pause) j:uf: j:m:j:h:j:s: land j:uf: j:m:j:h:j:s: land :s: ^ j:m:j:m::h: xx Drill Claw xx (ender)
End any of the following 3:
~ Dive Kick (app. 1,125k)
~ Aerial Exchange (app. 1,100k plus follow up combo)
xx Fatal Claw (app. 1,300k)
This combo isn’t loop-able because you will still be in B.Charge state by the time you tag Storm back in with the Aerial Exchange; you cant DHC to B.Charge if B.Charge is still active when you leave the screen, the timer only runs out when he is on point. But you can tag Storm back in for a Hail Storm DHC’d to B.Barrage X or a Elemental Rage but you can reset again because you will have to do either Fatal Claw or B.Charge X (or Weapon X but its highly unlikely you could have the meter). Of course these additional bits that could happen after an Aerial Exchange are major overkill.
Thanks, and good job again


Updated with Mr.Nannie’s storm/wolvie and storm/tasky combos.


the only way you could loop between Storm and Wolvie would be if you could combo with Wolvie long enuf for his B.Charge to wear off. but if you Aerial Exchange back to Storm you can def do an Elemental Rage DHC to Fatal Claw or B.Barrage X; ive dont it.

But you can potentially loop between Storm and Sentinel like this:
Instant Float j:h: cr:m:cr:h: jc:uf: :df::atk::s: land :m:cr:h: jc:uf: j:h: adf j:h: land :m::h::s: ^ j:m:j:h:j:s: land Elemental Rage, DHC HSF :s: ^ j:m:j:m: xx Aerial Exchange (Storm enters) j:m:j:h:j:s: land Elemental Rage, DHC HSF :s: ^ j:m: Aerial Exchange etc…
now I haven’t spent a ton of time with this because of the amount of damage it delivers; only need to go so far. But this could continue until you run out of meter.
Storms combo will get you ~0.75bars and Sentinel wont gain you too much meter off of his hits so its not an infinite loop.

My combos with Storm are rarely solo, if I get ahold of someone with here im going for a DHC Glitch; but if not I just to the same thing as above but end with Hail Storm.
Instant Float j:h: cr:m:cr:h: jc:uf :df::atk::s: :m:cr:h: jc:uf: j:h: adf j:h: land :m::h::s: ^ j:m:j:h:j:s: land Hail Storm
Im working on something new but I dont want to post it because im not sure how its going to work out yet.
I also forgo the Elemental Rage DHC glitch and just do a Hail Storm if I catch the point and an assist at the same time, since Elemental Rage wont OTG assist.


A’ight, I stuck your solo storm combo in there, I’ll post a variation on your Storm/Sentinel Loop tomorrow, I’m going to bed.


Great stuff man. I’m sure we all appreciate your dedication. Based on all the testing we’ve done, I can safely say that the best option to go for is the DHC “glitch” with combos. I guess if you like to use Storm first then your second character may determin how effective she’ll be. Here’s a little combo for those who want to use Thor and take advantage of DHC reset;
Team: Storm, Thor.
Requires 1 bar and Thors Mighty Smash assist (ground bounce)

cr:l::m::h:,:df:LA,:m:cr:h:,jc:h: xx AD:d:,cr:h:, jc:h::s: xx AD:f: j:h:,:m:cr:h:,jc:h::a1: xx AD:f: j:h:(ground bounce),cr:h::s:,sj:h::s:, E. Rage, DHC Thor’s grab for reset.

After the DHC just use Thor’s BnB and you’ll rake around 950k damage depending if you wasted another bar in the air for the guaranteed kill.


What would be the most meter building combo off say a cr.L or J.H/S? Trying to use the glitch as often as I can and she sucks at building meter outside of combos, so you want to build as much meter as you can during them imo. I was thinking of ending in a fly combo but I haven’t tested what gives more meter and don’t really have the time atm. Also considered a normal air combo into otg shot with Wesker to relaunch (to DHC glitch into him).


She only sucks at building meter if you stick to the basic BnBs. If you do any of the combos that juggle them over and over untill hit stun decays then you’ll build about 1.15 meter every combo. Dude don’t think too much about damage when using her. She’s definately my main and I realized that her potential is in the DHC and just basic rushdowns with mix-ups. When ever you get a combo in just focus on meter not damage and try to always have atleast 1 bar of meter before you unleash damage.


So combos with ADF give more meter than the ones with Lighting Attack? Hopefully that’s the case, specially with the glitch and all.


That’s exactly what I was asking. I was asking what’s the best combo to gain meter with rather than get more damage.


Can Storm relaunch an opponent with s.S by using X23’s ankle slice assist to otg after an sj.S?
I’m starting to use these two characters and wanted to see what my options were as far as combos go.


back to the danger room. It is all about the DHC glitch.
I like to set up a team something like this:
Wol/Storm/Sent or Wol/Storm/Zero.
So that my point character can act as a battery building meter and then when I get a launch combo I try to aerial exchange to storm and activate E.Rage DHC Kickflip. To be honest I land my aerial exchanges pretty frequently, Id say about 80% of the time. I just always pick a different direction, and I never start with :d:. Then if my point character takes to much damage after building meter and eating ppl for breakfast, I can either bring Storm in and go for a launch, hard knockdown, E. Rage DHC back to my point, or I can bring my anchor in on point and attempt the same launch aerial exchange DHC jazz.

Another team setup I like to run is to have 2 char that can start the DHC sandwiching a DHC glitch finisher, like this:
Mag/Wol/Storm or Spencer/Wol/Storm.
That way I can setup a combo with my point and DHC glitch to Wolvie and if my point takes to much damage I can swap my point and anchor and then Im ready to go again.

So I guess I didnt directly answer what storm combo builds the most meter…
I guess what Im getting at is that I dont use storm as a battery


Check out the combo at around 6min 25sec.
hard knockdown, Call Drones, Hail Storm, E.Rage DHC HSF :s: ^ finisher.
My god thats good, I wonder if I could do it in an actual match


updated, see latest update section for info. Mr.Nannie, I’ll transcribe that video tomorrow (Wednesday) or the day after.


thought you guys might be interested in what ive found to be the best pre-DHC glitch combo.

Cr:l: Cr:m: Cr:h: JC :f:LA :f: LA :df: LA :m: Cr:H: JC :h: ADF :h: st:m: :h: :s: :h: :s: Elemental rage

it does 584,700 and builds the tiniest bit under 1 meter (i have only managed it once but if you replace the ADF :H: with a delayed :s: it gains 1 bar.

If replace the starting Cr:l: with :u::u::s: the dmg is 629k

If anyone finds any tweaks to improve it please post them


DHC Combo for my Team

Starting Order

Arthur - Fire Bottle
Storm - Lightning Attack
Sentinal - Rocket Punch

c:m: s:h: :f::h: xx :f::d::df::h: :qcb::l::qcb::m: :f::h: xx :s:
sjc :m::m: aj :m::m::h: TAC to Storm
:m::h: flight :l::m::h: adf:h:adf****adf:h:adf:h:adf:h::s:
Land Elemental Rage DHC Golden Armor
s:h::s: sjc :m::m: ajc :m::m::h: xx :qcb::m:
land :s: sjc :m::h::s:
land call sent assist Goddess’ Bracelet DHC Hail Storm

1,115,900 Damage

After Storms DHC to Golden armor, I kept it pretty simple. I’ve been having issues with hit stun so please feel free to add to this in any way.

Also, is there a way to OTG to Goddess Bracelet in the corner without an OTG assist? With Golden Armor, fire bottle flys over the character.

If your in the corner for Arthur’s starting part, skip :qcb:m: :f::h:


What is the air sequence storm can jump up and tag an airborn opponent with? PR Balrog uses it often, like when his Chun assist has someone blocking in the air. What’s the sequence and, just as important, what’s the sequence when you land to continue the combo/block string? Thanks! PS. If I figure it out before there’s a response, I’ll replace this post with it. I’m just not gonna be able to test for a while.


do you have a link that shows the combo, i can probably figure it out.
But Im not sure what your talking about exactly


I was watching random PR Rog vids earlier on my lunch. He does it enough that if you watch one, you?ll prob see it. One was vs Smoothviper I know that. It?s kind of like how wesker will jump to BCS an air teching character. Im not sure if that?s the situation here, but it very well could be, and that?s definitely the approx height. A lot of times w/ Chun assist as you know, they?ll block while airborne. Then Storm will jump and hit 3 or 4 hits. It?s prob, like, LMH or something like that. It?s more a transition to ground combo that could be critical. Sorry I don?t have a specific link, but again… search any PR Rog vid (in partic one where he wins since he?ll be in control) and you?ll likely see it.