The Power Of Music

Whenever you playing a fighting game?..Do you have music going on in the background…making you concentrate more…or something like that?

Well today I was listening to Jay Z- Money, Cash, Hoes…

I was nailing Six-Hit fierce all day long…

It helps.

Money, Cash, Hoes is the shit man. Ja Rule-Holla Holla was bangin a week ago. What’s funny is, everytime I hear Leather So Soft, I think of you Kenny and I start laughing.

Your av is sick. Ja Rule’s old stuff is the shit.

When im playing marvel…I was tearing shit up with Notorious B.I.G feat. Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, Julez Santana- Im wit whatever.

That was the hot shit.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that DJ Shadow’s “Bay Area EP” sucks? Ugh. I can’t trust that guy’s music any longer.

during the glorious South Center days, my magneto would randomly beast if i listened to some hard house or hardcore shit (not rock hardcore btw). But then again I was known as the headphone guy for hella long so yeah, i think music helps out no matter what you listen to.

rhianna videos are too distracting.


All I know is I was hitting the training mode this weekend and I started beasting when T.I. - King Back came on. I tend to get hyped and do better if the music is hard or has a good beat.

If you think that’s distracting check out the Ciara- Promise video.

Frank- Yeah! I was thinking about getting an ipod…

Japanese Music gets me pumped. Mainly Dir En Grey. Crazy shit.

Dir En Grey…that one song get’s me pumped.

JR Writer Feat. Nicole Wray- Extasy.

I don’t know why…but i was just getting off to it. Nicole Wray is a fool. Haven’t heard from her in a minute.

For serious? Man…

ciara video remix on “on demand” is too strong.

also, i’ve got that effin’ muppets “manah manah” song stuck in my head.


I love the GG XX soundtrack and used it for my mvc2 copy. I love the soundtrack so much that I use it for motivation when I do my morning run and weight training.


tell ya what, nuthin is better than listening to some Rage Against the Machine while playin Urien on 3rd Strike. Its a match made in heaven. Go ahead, try it out.

also i got four words for you chumps…
Streets of Fuckin Rage.

2 an 3 soundtracks are hit an miss. But mostly hits.

also not to side track, but if I didn’t mention this for those of you who don’t know I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. Streets of Rage Remake. Wins all around sucka.