The Power of Resets and General Oki Game


True true. In the immortal words of Sir Lancelot: “sorry, sorry. Just got carried away…”

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You sir, are the business.

Reset heavy teams are going to dominate this game I think, hence why Ryu isn’t such god tier after all (unless there’s something I’m missing)


+1 Joudan, oh wait…

I told everybody Paul was Captain Universe tier, but nobody listened. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great vids!
Any nice reset ideas for Hwoarang?


That is a LOT of damage, wow! I’m not sure if my team (Sagat/Hei) has enough synergy for those kind of resets, but I guess that’s what the lab is for!

Also, BIG props for the Oki vid. This has been one of the biggest things that’s kept me from really being good at this game: learning how to anticipate the types of wakeup. I will definitely take note of this!


Well… Ryu can setup a reset via EX Shoryuken xx Switch. (if you push them out of it they remain standing)


What do you guys think about sticking this thread and turning it into a general Oki/reset thread?


What are you thinking about exactly with EX SRK? Plus 2 bars is unlikely to be worth it when Ryu gets such good damage off 1.


I like this idea.

No disrespect to Vulcan (the vids were great), but Oki in this game is (for better or worse) more nuanced than in SF4 and there’s lots of stuff that is being discovered on how to approach the roll situation.

Though, it might be good to have a full OP, with all the videos and relevant Info attached. But that would take someone to do it… and I am lazy.


lili can do a solo reset if someone tries to jump away from her hk dive kick i not only get to be on the otherside but you have to block because my active frames are out that will be your start up frames and since srk can get stuffed on start up you have not choice to block the next mix up or eat more damage.
I gave you props in another forum post vulcan. So i’m going to do it here. great stuff. Keep it up!


Yeah you’re right but I don’t think I said somewhere that Oki was better or more important in this game. Roll dilutes your ability to lock someone down that’s for sure.

I was just tired of seeing so many players (including top SF4 players) do a knockdown then dash in, jump and put themselves in the corner vs roll. Then complain about it instead of trying a different approach.

The big difference between AE and SFxT is that in AE you are heavily rewarded for knockdowns and get a guaranteed lockdown. In SFxT you have more escape options so the emphasis is put on the neutral game and resets instead of vortexes and safe jump option-selects. And unfortunately, that hurts characters with bad neutral games.

I still prefer SFxT because in the end it all comes down to making sick reads and outplaying/outsmarting your opponent in neutral/footsies. Where as in AE I feel there’s too much of BS and luck involved.


I think you misunderstood me, the “no disrespect bit” was meant to imply that I didn’t think your vids weren’t thread worthy.

I agree though, people are way to used to SF4 knockdowns. SF4 has some of the easiest to create and most powerful Oki mixups in any game ever. To the point where (to me) it feels more like guessing than like playing a game.

SFxT has rolls to prevent this. I have nothing against rolls at all, and don’t even particularly hate the one in this game. I just don’t like how safe and free they are. There is literally no consequence for rolling.

Resets are probably the best way to got.


This is amazing, great work Vulcan.


oh ok lol. Yeah I forgot all about the media thread…

But like Jamp mentioned, I think this could be somehow turned into an informative thread about oki and resets. I could update the first post adding more videos and bits of information you guys provide. Though that might be a bit much for only 1 thread. We should probably have 2 separate threads since it’s 2 different topics. I dunno…


Well, There’s the vid on using the Super Jump Auto Correct.

I made the lili vid.

Dr. Grammar made some good Hwoarang stuff.

I’m working on Nina stuff.


Maybe resets and ways to keep opponents standing is the next step in growing this game.


Vulcan, would there be more video’s in the future? Like about more general things on SFxT, and how would you feel about someone doing a Vesper Arcade styled In depth tutorial on SFxT?


They are a part of it.

The trick isn’t to do the reset, it to balance the damage and meter sacrifice so that it’s actually productive.


It’s funny because UltraDavid and James Chen already mentioned how important denying wake up options was in this game a long time ago but not many listened. Or they listened but couldn’t find ways to apply it effectively with their team…

lol I don’t think I would be able to do something like that. That guy was nuts. He made like 14 chapters with 4-6 parts each.

Also, I’m not that knowledgeable about the game (it’s still new and I’m sure there’s a ton of things I don’t know about). Plus, I would basically be repeating most of what Vesper already said.


Definitely good vids. Most of this stuff I had to figure out by myself as I progressed in the game. I remember being wet between the ears coming into this game trying to use Chun Li like how I did in AE and it just wasn’t working. Just yesterday I went back to Chun and started working on finding ways to reset with Chun/Nina because both have the ability to keep you grounded for a tag cancel(Chun with her lightning legs and Nina with her flash kicks)and because after Chuns J.hp(target Combo), Cr.hp, into spinning leg kicks of course can be tag canceled out of into Nina’s Ivory Cutter(overhead)and that creates a pressure situation with Nina’s high/low options. Wish I could post a vid but meh…camera batteries are low.