The Power of the King - A Sagat Primer

He isn’t going to struggle at all unless you are ass.

Close still hits twice and cr.lp is still + on block and alot more + on hit.

You wanna whiff stuff to build meter? Whiff

Also tigers are better so that should make anyone longing for SFIV Sagat happier.

All boost chains on block are ass now so this means Sagat is not in a vacuum. Honestly he is probably the second best SF char. I think only Gouki is better after the patch. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe Ken and that’s a BIG maybe.

Is the changes to Sagat’s EX Knee juggle potential a buff or a nerf? I don’t know how they used to work.

After playing him all day I think he is just fine. Feels a little more effective against most of the cast to me. His footsies are a threat more so now when used properly.

The ex tiger knee nerf doesnt allow for an aggressive way in anymore :frowning: i like playing aggressively with sagat, any new 2013 boosts/mix ups?

oh and i forgot to thank emblem for this post, appreciate ya!

With the cl hk buff you can now do cl lk (2 hits) x cl mk (2 hits) x cl hk (1 hit) x ex shot. It’s still a little minus but you’re not point blank after that.

Just space a regular lk/mk knee. You have WAY more frame advantage then a random ex knee.

Stop trying to be scrubby guys.

Tiger knees spaced right are just fine. EX is for combo and punishment since it can get stuffed pretty easy to me. EL, are you on XBL?

Just tested, ex knee is not punishable by demon on maximum range so it’s about even on block.

This is very good stuff! Thanks Emblem lord I’m looking into pairing Sagat with Steve gonna take what you said about gem-setups to heart.