The Power Pack thread!

Who are the Power Pack?

Just so you’d know, I haven’t read their original 80s series yet, but have really enjoyed their recent miniseries, and IMO it’s a pretty good start to introduce kids into comics.
While the current series doesn’t focus a lot on the stuff the old one does, it’s still pretty entertaining.
I have to admit I was kinda skeptic about this series but eventually liked it.
ATM the new series is called Day One; a retelling of how the Pack gained their powers.

I read it off and on in the 80s. Some of the stories were fun. I have really vague memories of them though. Some standouts are when they hung out with Warlock of New Mutants and another time they had their powers switched around for a good length of time. Franklin Richards was like an unofficial member too.

I liked how Julie Power grew up and filled out when she showed up in Runaways.

The current Power Pack series of minis has really nice coloring. I haven’t reread any of the original '80s comics since I was a kid.

i collected the original PP series almost from the beginning…all the drug/molestation specials through when Alex turned into a horse. The final issue was a big wtf all around. they had some good painted covers back in the day around the time franklin richards had joined the group. Power Pack needs to be essential-ized

Recent series, from concept to art, was shit. The old series was fuckin’ awesome. As was retro New Mutants. I still have #27 floating around here somewhere. Those comics were my favorites when I was a kid.

They did this quite often, actually. IIRC, the eldest of them controleld the powers and he could switch them between them, or take them all for himself and the rest would get pissed.