The Pr0n Thread redux


Oh yeah, meant to mention this like a month and a half ago in the hip-hop thread since it’s sort of hip-hop related. If you’re familiar with Young Ma, she has a movie she directed on “Pronhub”. From what I seen, it’s not bad.


Maddy O’reilly…love seeing her take it in the stinkstar.


Dat tenant/landlord video


Just watched a video with her and Sinn Sage. Top tier.


Is this Riley Reid:


that is THE most brilliant prank my eyes have ever beheld.


Have you guys seen Ashley Barbie? She’s so hot that I’ll actually watch hetero porn with her in it.


Not even close…


Well it was a good run…


The writing was on the wall when they started banning animators for nsfw content. The child abuse stuff is just the reason they needed to justify it. I mean, they’re not wrong in doing what they’re doing but like, it still sucks


Yeah, where the fuck am I going to go for all my rule 34 now?


Doesn’t RockB still have a page on the web somewhere?


He goes wherever the click bait articles he writes take him. A true pilgrim


i hate family friendly internet. censorship in general.


I mean. They found child porn, simulated rape videos (some of people being depicted as minors) and child abuse videos. Wtf did you expect them to do? They kaboshed it before it grew like a wild fire. The alternative to nuking their entire nsfw/18+ ecosystem was likely shuttered tumblr all together.


People who whine about “censorship” ought to lick my taint.


Like. Don’t get me wrong; censorship for the most part is bullshit and shouldn’t be a thing. But like…cmon man, Child porn, rape videos and abuse videos shouldn’t be free to spread all over the internet.


I expect them to not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Wtf is Tumblr good for without nsfw content?


I’m gonna miss having a good directory of porn artists.



I expect them to throw out the baby.

They can go ahead and keep the bath water - Gwen Stephanie’s or otherwise.

…you know we have dudes up in here who regale the virtues of drinking Scar Jo’s, etc, at al.