The Pr0n Thread redux


So Twincest…


That has to be illegal as fuck. If they do have scenes with just each other, though? Yeah. I’ll pay to see it.


They likely have to go to Spain where it is legal to film the scenes.


Incest porn is legal in Spain? Huh.


This whole conversation has me going:


I just checked. Actual acts of incest have been decriminalized in certain American states. There is notably no penalty for the act itself between consenting adults in the state of New Jersey. Beastiality is also legal in a few states.


From my understanding that’s where the Ortega sisters filmed their incest scenes so it has to be legal there.


What I want to know is whether there are specific laws regarding distribution and consumption. In today’s global digital market, it can’t be easy to police that shit, which is probably why bestiality porn is legal to own and consume in every state except one.


Say what?

Bestiality should be just as illegal if not more than under the age of 18 porn.



So I saw this scene with Angela White and Maddy O’Reilly and one other chick. I wish I could find the full version of it but the clip was fantastic light femdom material.


Today I learned Jenna Presley converted to Christianity. And upon meeting her bf/pastor, waited until marriage to have sex with him.

This explains her absence from the industry. You’re never too far gone guys!


never speak bad about the beautiful love between man and chimps. how dare you!



Atk girlfriends is a good one

I been obsessed with honey gold.

I need more blasians


Maria Jade…unf.