The Pr0n Thread redux

Actually…same mood.

Nope, I like that ghetto porn. When I turn it on, they need to already be fuckin. Then again my general lack of patience in life might be the actual issue😂


I like context, but even if the context is just “this is porn” and they show the cameras and shit I can dig it.

Y’all. I watched the infamous Belle Delphine noncon fantasy porn. It’s so fucking bad. I was laughing my ass off. Some dude who can’t fuck has her up against a tree and she’s silent as the grave the whole time. No moaning, no nothing. Shit is bloopers.

Noncon, as in non-consentual?

Not to defend it, as I’m sure it’s trash after that garbage head game I’ve seen from her, but maybe that’s what they were going for?

No, it’s deadass a rape fantasy. It’s simulated rape. I won’t go into details but it’s not ambiguous.