The Praying Mantits: Rufus AE Changes Thread

From the front page:



  • Anti-air U2 does not give you the full hits
  • EX Messiah does less damage

Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end

How do you guys like getting nerfed to hell? you can spam a little more backdash, though.

its pretty sweet that the majority of people’s strong punches do more damage than EX Messiah now. :confused:

pretty lame.

how is this a nerf to hell? nobody is looking for damage off of messiah kick, yeah the u2 nerf hurts a little but oh well it happens

Its a nerf because now you can rely on ex messiah fadc ultra killing your low-health-having opponent even less. EX Messiah is now purely a “get out of jail free card”, they should just give him a teleport.

EX Messiah does 20 less damage now according to some reports.

my thoughts exactly

EX-Messiah is unsafe on hit against multiple characters, I wouldn’t mind the changes if they fixed that, but I doubt they did. Overall though I still like Rufus as my main, other characters are getting nerfs that will help Rufus a lot.

should be doing 20 more if you ask me.

dont really care for his u2.

u1 all the way except vs sagat.

Who is it unsafe against on hit? Or are you talking about the times he sails over a crouching opponent’s head?

Yeah, that’s what he means. They should fix that. There’s literally nothing you can do when a shoto does c.lp/lk on your wakeup. Other than block.

Ex messiah nerf sucks. They nerfed it pretty bad for release of super and now this.

Do we have a list on who messiahkick misses on crouch?

If they lower the damage on anti-air U2, they should make sure it hits all the time. No 1-hit then drop then free punish.

In Vanilla,
Akuma/Cammy/C Viper/Chun Li/Dan/Dhalsim/E Honda/Ken/M Bison/Ryu/Sakura/Seth/Vega

ex messiah kick without ender is 80 damage as in -20 damage overall. it goes from 160 to 140.

140 is honestly not terrible but for an ex get-off-me move, it’s not very much. this warrants all other characters’ ex dp’s getting nerfed but of course rufus is too easy to use blah blah blah in super ex messiah kick can fly over virtually everyone yet it doesn’t matter he’s still too good blah blah blah

i could live with that

but anti-air u2 partial damage? i guess im going u1 most of the time (as i am already) -_- frankly the characters you use u2 have little life anyways e.g. chun rose akuma viper, but for some you need it e.g. sagat gouken

ugh, whatever

nerfing the ex messiah kick is really the wrong lazy route to take.

it wouldnt be such a big deal if the damage didnt get nerfed that much from vanilla to ssf4.

then it get nerfed again, although this time only minor.

come super duper street fighter 4 arcade 2nd impact, rufus ex messiah kick will only be doing 30 damage points.

what are you all complaining about? he still has every single tool, just got a damage nerf. i mean, cammy and fei long players need to learn like a whole new character lol.

How do you figure?
Both Fei and Cammy are very much improved.
Hardly new characters.
The issue is, these nerfs were unwarranted.
Rufus was pretty well balanced when SSF4 came out.

They should buff far standing roundhouse in exchange for these nerfs.
Maybe faster start up/bigger hitbox.

My guess is they’re trying to discourage people from spamming the move, I can’t think of anything else really.

I honestly don’t mind it, I was expecting worse (probably because of the divekick haters). All I want is for it is to stop it sailing over certain characters crouching, there’s no reason for that to be kept in.

U2 nerf is ok for me, U1 works well against most floaty jump characters that I’d bother using it as an anti-air for and it still has it’s full use against Blanka and shotos.

they should make f.hp useful, that move sucks. I don’t care if they nerf ex messiah damage and U2 damage as long as they keep ex ss the same.

rufus didnt get shit, thanks capcom, you’ve done it twice in a row.

overhead divekick or GTFO

now in a more serious tone, hmm well honestly, I understand capcom, Rufus is probably the ultimate rushdown character in SSF4 (well he and cammy and shes getting nerfed too) so those kind of characters are kinda hard to balance, like guile or dhalsim who are the ultimate defense, so yeah, I expect they give him better normals or some random stuff to deal with proyectiles…but of course they wont give him anything so Im just posting that because I feel like messing around a bit.

pd: I still love rufus…no homo…well kinda

So I take it ex snake strike was untouched? I honestly was expecting that to get another damage nerf more than anything.