The Pre-TV @ LoveGetty the 4th Tourny! 2v2 single elimination Friday Oct.9th

Alright so I got the OK from the boss im gonna post up a flyer tomorrow night

**DATE: Friday October 9th

LOCATION: Lovegetty Station** @ Leslie & Highway 7 Markham ( @ Commerce Gate Plaza

Street Fighter 4 Arcade (No console Characters)** No SETH/Cammy im crying right now

1st Place 80
2nd Place 20
3rd Place Money Back


Registration Starts 4:00 PM

Start Time 7:00 PM (Due to popular demand)

Street Fighter 4 (Arcade)

5$ a head so 10$ a team

2v2 Teams
Single elimination tournament**
2 out of 3 games per semi final match
3 out of 5 games grand finals

Matthew/BlitzMan whatever im assuming SpiralGuy is gonna help me on this as well

So this will be my first time directing a tournament
so far a bunch of people here and there are interested

Hopefully Pmall players will get word of this as well

So far ive got responses of about 5 - 6 teams willing to enter
Come on theres no scene here except for Fridays SO LETS GET HYPE… and :wgrin:burn:wgrin:

I’ve been getting a lot of worries from the community about it being Single Elimination

I could of course change this depending on the crowd democracy

So before we start i will get feedback from everyone for single or double elim

Thanks for your time i hope lots of people can make it out

im just gonna make a quick update on the teams that are coming so far from what i know

Not all of it is confirmed but most are

lets begin: im just gonna try my best to rank them from TX

Because no one is sure if JS is coming cause hes a noob and avoids Blitz at tournys and i doubt C-ryod is attending as well

  1. Team Spiral/Blitz

  2. Bambino/Jesse

  3. Darth/ RXS MY SAVIOR!

  4. Davero/Trite

  5. Buddah stated hes bringing someone

  6. Fadi/???

  7. Dice/???

  8. JDK/Eric i believe ? not 100% but those of you who dont attend regularly get ready to see toronto’s best ryu (ERIC!!!)

  9. Team 2 random Asians

  10. Line up scrubs, etc, i had another team but they canceled last week due to work related issues

  11. Saco/???

  12. Tekken Master oops i mean russel/???

The Hammer is bringing teams TOO!

  1. DarthPaul/RXS
  2. Drekken / ???
  3. Team lol i dunno now im just talking shit

I need a partner

I’m down, need a team mate

did you talk to the boss yet? he’s generally pretty stingy on having friday night tournaments as thats the most profitable day for them… thats why most LG tourneys end up saturday during the day…

the boss never denies me…

i already asked him

Where is the entry fee?

Blitz, if my schedule permits I will come help you run brackets.


WOW OMG Sweeet im trying to get my friend to give me the cable we can hook up the arcade to the laptop to record the matches

count me in with a teammate

yo blitz count me in…infact im heading to love ghetty today wtih jesse haha

Im in for sure. But I need a partner

I Might Be Able to get us a free venue with a projector RIGHT BESIDE GETTY!

its in this nice condo my friend lives at

I can rent the room for 4 hours if the turn out is small we can just move the tourny there!

if not we can hold the tourny at getty then run MM or casuals are the venue after!

sounds minttt but lets say the turn out is small and we move to the venue u had in mind what console would it be on?

Damn it!! finally a tournament close to home and im not even in the country for this…hahah…

I would go but i don’t have a partner.

Darthpaul and I will be attending.

Sleeper team to win it all.

lol im hoping for a bigger turnout

IF PEOPLE COULD BRING CONSOLES sticks and wires for those attending the venue at 8pm for

Another tourny, MM, or casuals it would be great

Ill try bringing my ps3 + 2 sticks + my xbox stick but unfortunately all the wires are behind my drywall (I installed it to be behind my mounted TV)

Anything else would be great

The venue has a projector but no other tvs so if people can bring them it would be great

All i know is we have the free venue from 8 - 11pm but my friend said we could possibly run it longer then 11

Mm shit talking begins!!!

Ill own you js

oops correction

We’ll own sauga

the hammer etc is cool its just sauga

lol blitz you have no reason to hate you’re just tryin to be cool.

ps you’re not.