The Pre-TV @ LoveGetty the 4th Tourny! 2v2 single elimination Friday Oct.9th

Myself and Mr. Trite are written in as an official team that will be there Blitz.

For anyone who wants to go but won’t because they don’t have a team mate, I’m sure there will be plenty of people around that you can randomly team up with.

yo blitz the tourny is gonna be run like…
Team 1 player “a” vs Team 2 player "a"
Team 1 player “b” vs Team 2 player “b”

and then if it goes 1-1 the 2 winning players play against each other?

I’m not going anymore

you mean a-cho style?

btw blitz

1st Place 80
2nd Place 20
3rd Place Money Back

this means that if 10 teams enter first gets 80 second gets 20 and 3rd gets 10? where does that extra 10 come from?

eh in that case because im a noob running it 1st will be losing 10

We will be taking purse from 1st to donate to third for their money back

But if people really want to be a douche or a cheapskate

then ethier give 3rd nothing or 1st be nice enough to donate 10

or just take $10 out at beginning for 3rd and split the rest 80/20.
We should have made it winner take all.


I better not being doing dick all im expecting you to win most of it for us

I am coming to this, I don’t have a partner though :frowning:

Mrs DarthPail will partner with you Drekken. Shes like me but wears a wig and doesnt pay entry fee. Sound good?

yo blitz why dont u start the tourney around ATLEAST 7pm.
since people work till 5 like u mentioned and travel time on a friday getting up there through rush hour? I think 7 is decent. If u do, u can expect another team.

blitz please make this start at 7. It’s impossible for me to get out before then. I work in oakville… have to go pick up darthpaul and Drekken in hamilton… and then head to toronto in rush hour traffic (even using 407 is still bad)

yeah 7 is better.

Pot Split is usually:

With 3rd literally getting their money back.


K due to popular demand and I can’t deny my boys from the HAMMER!

Start time will be at 7 BUT if the turn out is not huge by 7

we can move the tourny to the venue beside commerce at 8

Sound good everyone?

BTW vince can you bring your laptop to help me make the brackets?

Im trying to get wires to hook up to the arcade but i was told i needed an amazing video card which i do not have T___T

I* DUNNO anyways let me know

hey I’m going again

I can bring my laptop no problem

i gotta catch the last buses going back downtown i have work at 8 the next day, stop flip flopping on the time.

need a partner for this. Anyone?

7 PM is final

crybaby! i had work at 7am an played till 5am!