The Pre-TV @ LoveGetty the 4th Tourny! 2v2 single elimination Friday Oct.9th

Im gonna head down there now. I guess if i cant find a partner i’ll just get some casuals in.

gg blitzman, took your own tournament to run before you won one congratz brah :smokin:

sauga dropped da balllll yo :cybot:

oh shitz! ducks from neg rep :stuck_out_tongue:

GGs all. Fun tourney, these should be more frequent.

GG’s to everyone Thanks for everyone stopping by

Scarb = Mark/Eric GG awsome shit Great Grand Finals But i dropped to ball 5 times

Thanks to Sauga for making it out =D don’t worry Matt and Teddy are still beast in my book

Couldn’t have done this without the Hammer and Pownz Crew

It was awsome for you guys to come out

GG to everyone else I played hopefully we can get a bigger team tourny going at the venue next time

It was fun… BTW to ex_matt I won sucka!

Couldnt do it without Spiral but you know it was his turn to carry the load after TX =D

I dont have the results but i believe when vince is free he will do the nice job as always by posting the results

BTW i totally forgot
Saco and Led… I’m glad i didnt have to play Led’s scary abel… T_____T command grabs’’

And the only reason im performing against Saco is cause of the #2 Elf the old school 2008 elf andy

Im waiting for that day your gonna own me at TV3

And for the last thing…

Tatenda even though you didnt own hard your team Blackenese < team sauga

GG’s to everyone. Tourney had a nice turnout. I know there is going to be a lot of gripes about single elimination but its a nice to mix it up once in a while. Every tourney seems to be double elimination.

Props to Blitz for putting this together and Vince, as always, for running brackets.

gg’s to every1 i played was a really good tourny an fun since it was held in the arcade which was nice. props to vince for running the brackets an shit. mad props to blitzman for setting this up we should do it again. good shit in the Grand Finals cept u pulled like 5 teddy’s against eric LOL!. props to spiral guy for beasting it mago styles. Props to eric “secret weapon” hai for holding it down ur ryu is godlike.

Man… first time Ive ever played in the arcade and I must say I was kinda shocked at how small the stick and buttons are - that’s why I managed to choose the wrong character! lol… anyway, was a good night, nice chilled atmosphere and some pretty decent matches to watch.

honestly i’ve been slackin but thats my own fault

I dont understand your sentence lol. Even though I didnt own, Team Sauga was better than my team?