The Preacher Thread

It was said that this should be started after I’ve finished the series, and so I have.


ahh preacher. one of my favourite series that i never finished

i sorta gave up on preacher because the quality of it seemed to decline as it went on. i mean jesse ended up becoming the sheriff of some town at one stage. its like garth ennis was out of ideas so he just ripped off some scooby doo episode. although jesse as a sheriff was hella funny. the whole les enfants story was horse shit. put me off it a bit

preacher had some of the funniest/bad ass villains ive read in a comic book. jody was one mean mofo, herr starr getting crippled more and more as the series went on cracked me up and who couldnt love sheriff root when he went and “fucked himself” lol

i never really liked how how they turned cassidy into a cock sucking bitch though. it never made sense to me how a vampire would have to suck cock for cash. couldnt he just enter strong man competitions, become a boxer, hell anything. i wish they had just kept the trio together going on crazy adventures instead of turning cassidy into a dick. damn you garth ennis. ahh well

anyone know what happened to garth ennis’ the boys? i read like 5-6 issues and then never heard of it again. it looked promising

Well, the thing with Cass is, he prolly could’ve entered a strong man competition, but addiction makes you desperate.

when you need something so powerfully, your inhibitions loosen.

I feel that the Sherriff storyline (Salvation) served the story in the fact that it reunited him with his mother, and restored his hope.

kinda deus-ex-machina, and it was a bit of a distraction, but in the end, I think everything worked out best for our heroes, and bad for our villains.

The Salvation arc may be my favorite arc overall. I don’t know what it was specifically, but that arc just resonated with me. I didn’t think it was goofy at all. If anything it was just more sentimental than you’d expect from Preacher, but I dig it when writers go for the unexpected. What could be more unusual than Ennis writing something sentimental? It just made me feel good, having Ennis write a story where something good finally happens to his hero.

The Boys is still around and going on strong and OUT-PREACHERING PREACHER. After issue 6, it moved from WildStorm to Dynamic Forces. The first TPB came out and now I think they are on issue 11 or 12.

just wanna say. wheres my goddamn HBO miniseries :frowning:

Useless aussies.

I need to re-read this again - I remember when I finished reading Preacher, I was like out of commission for a whole day, it was too good.

There is so much I can say about this series but a lot has been echoed already, now this post above by buttonmash. … Thats something I can relate to. Ive been waiting for this ish to comeout since I first heard of these books.

WTH HBO, get this shit moving already!

not a huge comic book guy, but preacher is some cool stuff

I remember how i got into the series. I was bitching to my friend how i had nothing to read, and he started to laugh at me when he heard I hadn’t read Preacher. I finished the whole thing in a week, and man, i was blown away.

Preacher and Sandman are the only series I’ve read that have caused me to skip parties so i could stay in and read.

Good point. I didn’t know WHAT connection Christine had to Jody, but I knew it was too coincidental for two characters to have the same name, especially when one was such a piece of shit. There had to be a connection.

it was a good arc, and it was a great place for several characters to find their resolution (Arseface getting the sister of Jesse’s childhood friend was a pretty good conclusion to that sub-plot).

and Odin Quincannon’s meat woman was suitably creepy.

I REALLY hope it stays true to the comic, as best as it can.

i rly could have chose a better story to criticize. i wouldnt call it my favourite but i did enjoy it too

ty zephy. im really out of touch with comics >_<

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and umm preachers great!

I really like the way Jesse was pretty restrained when he used “The Word”, instead of abusing it to make people do what he wanted, he usually used it only in life-threatening situations, or, to amuse himself.

“Count that sand!”
“Forget about it!”
“Go Fuck Yourself!”
“Let Go”
“You WILL Fight like hell”
“Tell us what you REALLY WANT!” (Cock!)

Preacher is one of my favorite comics of all time. Sandman is the best run of any comic I’ve ever read. Hell, the whole Sandman series is a piece of literary work that I don’t feel will be surpassed for quite some time.

Preacher, while not nearly as deep as Sandman, I have to say is the most entertaining piece of fiction I’ve ever read. Hell, it’s so awesome I have my fiance reading it. lol

I’ll post more later tonight.

Sorry for the mega-bump but I read through all the TBS recently (masterpiece yadda-yadda), and I still haven’t figured out who the silhouette-hitchhiker in All Hell’s-a Coming (I think) is supposed to be. It’s friggin’ killing my mind.