The President has stepped down

Guys just to let you know, I’m done in marvel officially. I did everything possible in the game. I’m RETIRED! Triforce Endorse my post please. and please respect my decision. Don’t ask me questions online or in person, if anyone has any questions please talk to Triforce about it.

Dat’s crazy shit.


Okie dokie.


OHHHHHHHHHHHH no what will happen to marvel without the President. Is the Vice President going to be the new president??? But who’s the Vice President??? So many questions with no Answers!!! jk Sanford is the best!!

don’t worry, he will come back

he’ll be back like PPP

And you people try to argue that Marvel isn’t dead.

~Born to Play~

Very well, your retirement is noted and will be take affect immediately. Hail

hmmmm… what happens if Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comes out??

oh well, farewell

so, your going to come back like MJ did?

no 1 cares =[

congrats on your retirement dood, hope you enjoy life outside of Marvel, even though i don’t know you. Are you coming to T6 in Toronto, Canada???




YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNN! :badboy: You have one more mission then you can retire.

Try winning Evo for a number of years in a row and winning in majors throughout the country year after year.

That being said, congrats on your victory and retirement. Its just a bit arrogant and smug to say youve done everything possible in the game.

reality check .


Did Justin Wong finally get de-throned???

someone fill me in here

Who are you?

Well congrats on your retirement. Does this mean you retired from Marvel only or did you retire from all tourney games? In any case I give him 6 months before he is back smoking the sweet crack that is MVC2. (A crack that has finally hooked me)