The Price Check Thread


Wow that’s a lot of history right there. Very cool collection. No idea how much you could get since these videos are all uploaded but it’s still nice to have the b3 and b4 tapes.


Madcatz Xbox 360 Fightstick PRO, used twice basically brand new, all original parts and box.

Also have the Madcatz fightstick bag that goes with it. Would like to know prices, or a bundle price suggestion.


Price check on:

  1. A mad catz SFXT VS stick that is Quad modded by Gummo. PS4, xbone, ps3, and 360. has a detachable cable on the select button. Use’s a dpdt switch inside cord bay.

  2. a default unmodded 360 SFXT VS stick


Any idea’s?


Price check on a Rnd2 360 TE main pcb with distro board and Chimp Classic v1. 1 bundled together?


100-130 . Not a lot of demand for these.


Wondering how much can I get for

1 used/near mint Sega PS2 Pad


1 new Sega PS2 Pad in box


The PC one’s on eBay seem to move around the $165~$175 mark, even used ones… but there have been folks in SRK TT that those are incompatible with SFV’s legacy mode on PS4… so maybe that’s why the prices in these have dipped.

It might help your cause if you could prove they’re viable for play on PS4. Haven’t heard of anyone confirming yet if the PS2 pads + Brook adapter work in SFV.

Also for around $130 @Gummo can build you a project box with a Hori FC4 + @undamned adapter that’ll work 100% with all regular Saturn controllers… So there’s that to contend with too.


Yeah, the Sega PS2 pad works with the Brook adapter, I have one. It also works with the adapter Gummo made me.


What do you think I should charge for a Qanba Ice Red that has a Brook ps3/ps4 board (ps4 color changing LED in the unused switch/hole as pictured), includes original board, original box, orginal art, 2 different plexi for custom art (start button and no start button), and the spare start button if you want to put it back in at some point.

pic 1

pic 2

Only selling to get something licensed and not have to bother with updating brooks firmware every time psn updates.


Looking for a price check on this Old Happ P360 Optical Joystick. It was used very very lightly and was one of the older models that felt best imo. The newer ones were to stiff If I remember correctly.



Do you still have the dust washer that came with it?

Everything looks good… except… What happened to the pivot busing? Looks like it’s been through a couple more rounds than all the other parts?

Also why’d you cut the +5v & Ground wires!?!?!? (Not a big deal to most buyers.)

You are right that it’s one of the more desirable models, the OG Happ P360 falls below the more sought after WICO P360, and above the less desirable Suzo/Happ (New Happ) P360.


[details=Spoiler]Looking at the floating spring base is probably the best way to gauge the amount of “service time” the stick has gone through.



original round 1 TE. WTS the joy stick kinda “sticks” on me a little, DP motions dont always input as fluid as they should, but it still “works” for the most part… i know its probably something minor, but i’d rather just sell it to someone, cause i bought a new one. how much could i get for it?


I have an original PS3 tournament edition stick from sf4. It has low use and comes in original box. How much do they go for? Mine is in great condition.


I have one of those Magic Box converters for the Original XBox that allowed you to use Saturn, PSII(as stenciled on it) and Dreamcast controllers. Works fine, couldn’t find one easily online, Play~Asia hasn’t had one in forever, most recent Ebay listing I could find was from 2013 at $69.99 imported. Every port still works, fired up some CVS2 and tried all 3 controller ports with no issues. Only thing I didn’t test was the memory card port(for Xbox) never actually had one.
I was gonna throw it up starting auction at $100. Any thoughts?


Price check for MINT HORI VLX Kuro?

Comes with hori and protective shipping box and cloth bag still sealed. Used for 20 minutes tops to test. Original Stock everything.

Price check for TE2 N-Type? (Stick and panel)

Thank you in advance


the jori vlx kuro is still readily available so no more than $300. I’ve seen it go for $250-$270 specially now that the red one is also really readily available in the states. the type n panel is kinda rare done madcatz never restocked it, I’d say $40+.


Hello! I am having trouble selling my custom fightstick, I think I may be pricing it wrong? This is it:

It has sanwa buttons, custom laser cut bamboo case, a Brooke Fighting Board and a PS 360+ dual PCB thing.

How much could I ask for that that won’t scare people (or make me lose a lot of money).

Also I am unsure if the market rules apply to this thread too, so if I am not allowed to post (no 6 month account/post quantity) I am sorry and plz remove.


You can post here. You just can’t sell in the trading outlet until you meet those requirements.


@coredump - I wouldn’t take less than $250. That’s just me. You designed and built the thing so you have to put a value on your time. If I was the one that built it my opinion may be different. What were you trying to get for it?