The Price Check Thread


@nendo tried 400 but didn’t work. 350 would be cutting the components price and that’s it. I may try to sell the pieces instead of the full thing


Is $40 a fair price for me to purchase this at?


whats the sell or trade value of this??
pad is new just tested for function, box is a little beat up, cards are included


$216.50 =)


Has anyone seen any Madcatz TE2 Rivals sell recently? The prices on ebay are about $350+ and although I found an old auction for $250 I’m wondering what you guys have seen.


They range from 225 to 300. You can definitely find one for around the 225 range if you look hard enough. I think the the rivals and persona 4 te2’s are the more limited ones. Too bad they didn’t number them like the og limited editions TE’s.


You should look for a madcatz Wii tvc stick. You can find them around the 50 dollar range and its a much better stick over all.


Really nice work. Unfortunately anything over 300 is in the hori vlx price range.


Guess I’ll just hang out and wait for one to hit those prices. $225 would be totally fine.


@Bubbledotjpg Here you go! Better get it before someone else does.




Wow you guys are amazing thank you!


Just found my “like new” Super Nintendo Capcom Fighter Power Stick - includes all packaging, cables, etc. Is this worth anything? If so, what would be a reasonable price? Thanks.

SNES Capcom Fighter Power Stick


Its worth about 30 to 35. It could reach over 100 if it was sealed. Its a pretty good stick considering how old it is. Detachable cables and dual console support.


What’s the price range to sell a Omni Korean stick Rev. 3?


What is a fair price for my PS3 Madcatz SFxT V.S.? I’m including a VSSH artwork swap with plexi as well as two extra ball tops (1 vermillion, 1 bubble smoke). Comes with original box and padding as well.


What’s a good price to pay for a Virtua Stick Pro, HSS-0130?


300-500. I’ve seen some people try to get around 700 for it. These things are rare and expensive if its in good condition but not worth over 500 really. If you search hard enough and wait for a group buy, you can get a candy cabinet for around 650 shipped. I say this because it basically comes with a control panel that detaches looks exactly like the hss0130 and you get a whole cabinet to go with it! of course not everyone has room for a cabinet so you can probably check yahoo japan auctions for blast city panels as a cheaper version on the hss0130. I would still love one of these just to add to the collection though.


What’s reasonable for a TE2 ?

I have a few custom parts installed but I’m not sure what to charge for it. Asside from the black panels, clear balltop and clear sanwa buttons, it also has a better plexi from Art’s hobbies and a JLF with Cherry microswitches. I was thinking of asking $180 for it?


@AngryMangos - $180 is a legit price.