The Price Check Thread


I got 3 sticks I need a price check on.

  1. Ascii stick Injustice. Stock. Optical joystick, Octagonal gate.

  2. Ascii stick ZERO 3. Stock. Optical joystick, Octagonal gate.

  3. Ascii stick 3 Ultimate. Stock. Optical joystick, Octagonal gate.

All are unboxed.


All these prices were prior to the existence of SFV, Legacy Contoller Support, and Brook Adapters; So I’m guessing old stuff has up ticked about 10% to 15% in value from the SFIV days.

@fifty8mm had just an ASCII lever which sold for $45 about a year and a half ago.

About the same time I found a complete w/box Justice stick for PSX/PS2 for $50 from a Japanese gameshop (+ JPN to USA shipping).

Also about the same time @StridaJin sold me a like new Capcom Ascii Stick FT Special for DC for $160 shipped.

So I’d venture your guys in fair condition, no boxes, w/out s&h, would be like…

$50~60 each for the Justice & Zero 3 sticks


$65~$75 for the 3 Ultimate

and then bump those prices up by 25% if the sticks were complete with boxes, packaging, and manuals.

I think @GalacticPhantom also sold a bare ASCII lever recently around the $30~$40 price range, but I can’t find it on the boards anymore.


Thank you for that, very insightful.


To be honest @Feargus001100 I loved the look of the ascii sticks but I swear to god I never hated a stick more. Modding is difficult and god man I learned the true meaning of Love/hate relationship. I think its definately a collectors Item and the Optical joystick lever works on low power systems. Well at least the DC version does. But I think the saying it is worth what someone is willing to pay is true to this item. @anzhar
I wish I still had the lever though lol.


Hey guys I have a 360 Mad catz Tekken Tag 2 TE S stick. How much should i sell it for?


Anyone have an idea how much an eTokki Omni Rev. 4 Korean Edition is worth?

All the original parts. Good Condition.


Only downside to these is that it’s an Octo gate. I prefer to just play on square, octo feels claustrophobic. No freedom of movement.


Price check on a HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Premium VLX. I’ve put in Sanwa parts and jlf and a phreak mods link. It’s in good condition and really wasn’t used that often. I mainly bought impulsively and just prefer my regular vs stick shells.


Price check on 2 things:

1)Madcatz TE2 stick (not TE2+), used for maybe 2 weeks, practically near-mint condition.
2)Hori Fighting Commander 4 fightpad

What are some good prices to sell these for?


how much should i be looking for for this stick here.

also considering selling my hori gamecube stick. it’s just like the soulcalibur 2 stick minus sc2 art. it’s in really good condition and comes boxed. any ideas?


I’d say…

Its worth from:
$155~$170 Mint + Complete ( e.g. box, inner packaging materials, manual, & misc other media that came with it ).
$100~$115 Mint + Box only
and then just back if off from there for condition of stick.


Is this thread not stickied anymore?


This is a real help, thanks


btw @Feargus001100 you seem like you lurk a lot in the board. what do you think was an appropriate price for the namco stick i sold? I heard people will pay good money for those but i just went with what seemed alright. do you remember how it looked or should i show pics


It’s hard to say really because they aren’t that rare in my estimation, or people seem not to be too married to their Namco’s, because I always see them changing hands.

My guess would be okay’ish ones could always fetch $45 ~ $60, and collector’s grade complete ones go for about double.

I was lucky and @Evolderek traded me his A- / B+ condition one for a TE2 Type N panel awhile back.


Ah gotcha. that’s a bit of a relief, makes me feel better about getting rid of mine lol. again, thanks very much.


how much for a hori VX SA Kai for 360? in great condition, original parts w/box


Who mods this sub?


What is the going rate of a Sega Saturn SLS USB pad (model ISS-5001-01)? Unboxed but otherwise in VERY good condition.


They’re $150 on eBay.