The Price Check Thread


Thanks. I just sold mine for $100. I prefer the original pads with adapters, as they work with more consoles.


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How much I should pay for a used Mad Catz TE2 PS4/PS3 Arcade FightStick (Guilty Gear edition)? The Plexi is scuffs


$150 in like new condition. Deduct for damage done.


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how much should a hori real arcade pro 2 se be worth?


Condition? Arcade Shock was recently selling HRAP 3 SA in box for $220. Though I think that is high for an HRAP 3. In my eyes, the 2 SE is much more rare and actually worth $200 in box and in like new condition. Maybe more to the right buyer.


Keeping this thread alive! How do you thing a hrap 3se is worth?


▲ That’s a rare bird right there. I always see HRAP EX-SE’s come to market every now and then, but not the HRAP 3 SE.

I did see one once on my local CL maybe like a year/year and a half ago for like $150~$175. I should’ve swooped it up.


Before I undertake this…

How much do you guys think a FULL WICO, FULL OPTICAL, cherry MAS stick would be worth?

Also the build would be doge not dick.


Need full part list to be sure but it’s gotta be worth $300+ based on the rarity of such an item. Each component more rare than the next.


How much is a PS3 round 2 te worth that was used for a few months? With the box that has a few scratches


Is this a good deal for Te2+ for 175 brand new?


Shipping included or local? If so hell yes.

If not, then just an okay deal.


Yeah, 175 shipped


I would say 50 to 70 shipped.


Pretty good deal. You can find regular te2’s for around 150.


I agree. 300+.


During one of my recent searches I found a pristine XBox360 6-button body still in the box from Thao/ArcadeShock. It still had the Styrofoam and MDF guards to protect the sides of the case during shipping!

Planning on throwing in…

[] New old stock WICO Black Circle base Perfect360 joystick (it still has matching the Perfect360 dust washer)
] New old stock WICO Perfect360 Spill Resistant buttons x6
[] New iL Concave buttons x2 (for START & SELECT)
] Going to keep the stock small Digital/Analog button (for MENU)
[] New Brook UFB PCB
] New @Toodles ChImp SMD PCB (how I never opened this in the past, IDK)
[*] New Neutrik RJ45 adapter[/list]

I think I’m already north of $400 just in parts without including the cost of modding, wire harnesses, and system cables; Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯


its all about finding the right buyer.

to some the stick is worthless because they only been exposed to and use japanese parts.

to others that shell and components in said condition could be worth $500 to $600


Price check for a Hori FC4 Modded Madcatz TE1