The Price Check Thread


You can find round 1’s for 60-80, an FC4 for 25-30, so around 100 plus the mod so I’d say 120-150 thereabouts.


Just wanted to do a price check on my own thread lol, not getting many hits, am I pricing too high on the sticks?

185 for the custom madcatz ryu stick
120 for the custom T5 stick
80 for the empty madcatz case


I’d say spot on for the custom Ryu stick. Custom T5 about right. 80 for a MCZ VS case seems a bit steep when you can find complete round 1 and round 2 TE’s for that much.


Thanks! Maybe I’ll just finish the wiring of the vs case and sell it as a complete stick.


I’m interested in a 360 stick with Fanta joystick and pref Sanwa parts? What would I expect to pay for one?


I’m pretty sure that an @laugh eTokki Omni or an @wazwuz Arcade Stick Indonesia VM is in your future. The Korean edition MadCatz SE sticks are a bit over priced in my opinion. And I haven’t seen any @“Jasen Hicks” Panzer K-Sticks come to market of late.

Looking for a last gen stick will save you a little bit of money, but choosing Fanta over Crown parts will eat up those savings. I think it’s worth it though.

I’d estimate around $175 before S&H would do it. And anything less than that would be a great deal.


So… now that this is just the @NENDO @STEZO_ONE @Feargus001100 " Price is Right " club…


…with contributions as well from international consultant @anzhar

What do y’all make of this:

Seller claims this this thing was originally $400 retail???

That seems a bit high to me, but then I didn’t know there was SCV RAP VX, I was only aware of the SCV RAP NX…

Any who it seems worth the trade for a 2DS if the S&H costs doesn’t kill the deal (Modesto to San Francisco).

What do y’all think?


@Feargus001100 I’ve never seen one of those before. I thought the only scv sticks were the Hori rap NX and Madcatz teS. Hes definitely lying about it costing 400$. I cant seem to find any info on this stick though so I dont know. He describes it as the “rolls royce” of arcade sticks. Does he have the box for it?



im always lurking, but since im UK, i prefer to let US guys give the going rate for their area

anyways back to that stick…

because its craiglist you could be forgiven for thinking it was a lamilabel diy mod, but it looks very clean and legit

iirc madcatz made limited edition capcom arcade cabinet sticks, by just replacing the art on the sxt pro sticks, with no dedicated box or other sign of offiiality, it was for a capcom forum giveaway

even if you give this guy benefit of doubt, and he is being truthful, at best maybe he was gullible and paid $400 for it thinking it was a legit rare stick, but no way would it be that price at retail, and i doubt it was available at retail, im 99.9 % sure he has no box

personally, i believe those were maybe standard vx sa’s that hori made for namco as prototypes for demonstrations or play tests in the very early stages of promos and hype build up for the game, we have seen plenty of times madcatz do similar things also

i would ask for more pics, but hey if you like the stick make a deal

i dont do “social media” but i think only one guy could give the best informtion on this, ill go ahead and tag @MarkMan just in case he logs in, but maybe you can twitter him


Yeah on the TBFP podcast they mention this, as on one episode 129 their buddy from Capcom USA sent them a SonSon themed MC FS Pro.

Also @anzhar I updated my earlier post.


A quality bootleg


price check on a used madcatz se brawl edtion? for xbox 360.

Edit: and how much are the parts gutted worth. Stock buttons/stick and pcb


Stick complete is worth $50 or less tbh. You could probably sell the PCB for $15 or so.


Buttons and stick not worth selling.


cool. I bought the brawlstick for 20. Only problem is that there is a cut on the wire but it fully functional still. Planning to mod the stick and give to a friend. I actually like the compact case.


@Phreakazoid makes a quick fix for that, and agreed the brawlstick is a great choice from the small form factor sticks out there to play on.


I wholeheartedly agree with you both. I love my Tatsunoku vs Capcom sticks. I think I need to give one of them the UFB treatment soon.


Price check on PS3/360 Modded TE with normal wear (slightly rusted on bottom of the case) and PS4 HRAP V4 with slight use and plexi/custom art and all Sanwa parts.


How much should I pay for a SEGA Saturn Virtua Stick Pro HSS-0130? Condition: Yellowed case and plugs.Controller has been customized to add genuine Seimitsu parts.


I paid $350 for a modded one in pristine condition last year (HSS-0130 + MC Cthulhu PCB + 1L6B panel + official astro city art + official astro city instruction space insert + Sanwa joystick & buttons) + S&H, so…

I’d say you could probably get the one you mentioned for $285~$300, I really don’t see HSS-130’s go below $300 unless they’re in suuuper bad shape and the shipping & handling costs usually jack up the prices too.