The Price Check Thread


Saw one for sale for 495 shipped but the only thing prevent me from getting it is yellowing. Overall the condition look good


@oodk you might wanna try …this.


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Price check on 2 360 fightpads ryu has a little use and the akuma just checked for function with a brooks 360/xbone Adapter??


What’s the going price for a used HRAP V3-SA for PS3? Looks like it’s in good condition. I think the compartment door is still there (idk if that means it’s broken or not), but I doubt they still have the original box.

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Maybe $70 or so if it’s really in good shape and the cable door is intact.


Thanks for the reply!

I was expecting it to be worth more than that. My local mall has one for $55 used (plus tax), making it around $60. Guess it isn’t that great of a deal…


price check on a Tekken 6 Real Arcade Pro 3 for PS3. Someone is selling one for $40. And a Price check on a tekken 5 Hori stick. A local computer repair shop is selling one for 59.99.
Also a price check on the hori scv stick.


Both sticks worth 40 to 60 because of the noir layout

Scv probably slightly more depending on condition, but personally I would not pay more than 40 for any of them


curious what you guys think about the price difference between a Mad Catz Fightstick Pro and a Madcatz TE 1. I know that both fightstick models have many different variants(SFxT, Evo, SF4, MvC, etc) but all of that aside I just want to know what the general consensus is between these two models. Do people tend to favor the Fightstick Pro model over the TE model?
Thanks in advance.


prices will vary, the og TE can be found cheap because of the amount in circulation, same goes for the pro, o any given day 1 will be available cheaper than the other and vice versa

ive purchased TE rnd 1’s & pro’s for less than £30 shipped

i always advise new stick users to buy a rnd 1 TE, because you will never lose out, pick up easily for less than £50, and get atleast 75% of that back whenever you decide to let it go

personally the og Madcatz TE is better than all the rest of the sticks released in the last 10 years, looks nice stock, easy to mod, vast mod options/add ons, wide availabiliy of art & templates, build quality is good, even the packaging is brilliant


although the VSHG and VLX are also very nice


@anzhar thanks for the input. I suppose the TE is a bit more mod friendly in terms of changing artwork and stuff. The Fightstick pro becomes just as moddable artwork-wise once you take off the initial artwork, but then still lacks a bezel. I suppose where the Fightstick pro lacks in mod-friendliness, it gains in form factor. The fightstick pro is smaller and less bulky than the TE. Another thing to consider is the placement of the turbo/start/select/home panel. The fightstick pro has it on the upper right of the fightstick’s top face where the TE has it on the upper left. Both are very nice sticks and come standard with Sanwa parts, so it really just depends on the buyer’s preference and what their aftermarket plans are.

Ty for the input!



a lot of modders say that the pro is a bit tight on space for pcb replacements also

but still a quality stick at the current used price rate


@anzhar ah yeah that is true too, the smaller size actually limits the size of PCBs that you can fit in there. Id imagine that a Brook FB would fit just fine, but a Brook UFB or PS360+ would be a pain.
good point.


What are the madcatz VS sticks going for these days?


$150 or so


how much an excellent condition of Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 (black one with generic hori joystick and button and the White SA one)? looking to pick one up to add to my collection


Real Arcade Pro 3 (Black w/Red Hori branded buttons)

Excellent condition w/box: $80-$90 US
Excellent condition w/o box: $70-$80 US

Real Arcade Pro 3 SA (Black w/White Sanwa parts)

Excellent conditions w/box: $100-$120 US
Excellent condition w/o box: $90-$110 US


If I was driven enough I would totally make a “Beckett” style pricing guide for arcade sticks.


how much does this stick go for?
im looking for one that works on ps3 and is it compatible with pc and ps4?
was it made for ps3 or only 360?