The Price Check Thread


I did see similar stripped down cases sell on ebay for anywhere between 30 to 50$.


How much should I pay for a last gen stick? I don’t see them on eBay for any lower than $70.


Depends on what you’re looking for. PS3/360 Madcatz TE sticks can be had for as low as $60. HRAP’s for those consoles seem to fetch around the same price.


Wondering how much a complete CPS3 Street Fighter third strike setup costs. Individually or a total packaged price would work either way. I was thinking $800 total would be reasonable for a total kit that includes sticks.
-CPS3 kit with metal shield (Has the RAM stick needed for Third Strike)
-Darksoft cartridge for CPS3
-Supergun (with sticks)


hmm maybe i should part it out and sell it as replacement parts


I’m going to have six white gamerfinger 30mm buttons available pretty quick. Hear they aren’t available anymore. Do they go for a rare price?


I had someone sell me 8 for $50 about 5 months ago. Someone sold some G2s a few days ago $20 for 6 buttons and some extras. They sell really fast if they’re ever posted so you can probably get a pretty good price on selling them.


Awesome thanks.


price check on an og Hori VLX PS3 pcb in its black case removed from stick intact, with the USB cable, and all the wiring with the qd’s for the 9 face buttons


price check for a HRAP2 (ps2) in good condition?


I would pay about 20 to 25 shipped for that.


With box? And which edition is it?


Buying or selling? Demand isn’t that high for those these days.


How much should I post for a barely used VLX Kuro - no box.

I’d like to sell it local (vancouver/lower mainland) so I expect to take a bit of a price hit.


Could range from 200 to 280 without the box. I’m not sure how hard it is to get a vlx in vancouver so you might be able to get around 270 depending on how hard it is to get there.


I got a stock PS3 Mad Catz Round One stick in excellent shape… No box… What should I sell it for?


I would say you could get somewhere in the ballpark of 60-75 shipped.


Yeah I was thinking around 75…


Around how much is a Sanwa Flash kit ?


They used to cost around 100 to 125. Don’t think they will cost that much anymore since sanwa and other companies have developed new optical PCBs. You should try to find a rollie flash or sanwas’ own revised optical sticks instead of the flash.