The Price Check Thread


Im not trying to look for one, I have a friend that has three OG kits that he’s going to sell. I have two ascii and two happ/wico 360s. Yhe wicos are worth more than the flash right? Or vice versa?


Yeah the wicos are worth more.


Ok cool. How much do the Wicos go for? The odd thing, well the cool thing is these are in Mexican Neo Geo cab lol One is bat top and the other balltop. Haha. If I decide to sell them I might just drive to my mom’s house to pull them out.


Price check on an AIAB XBOX 360.stick, sanwa stick , seimitsu screw ins, 6 button on top and a fe on the side panels.


Am I reading this right? An AIAB case with the touch panel from a Hori Fighting Edge integrated into it? Pics please!


I’d say used working black circle base WICO Perfect360’s that still had the dust washer that says “WICO 360” around it intact would fetch between $175~$225 on the open market right nau. Red square base conversion kit Perfect360’s probably $150~$200.

Probably shoot on the low side if the ones your talking about have been in a cab for a few years, and/or have seen a lot of use.

P.S. I’ve never seen a ball top Perfect360, so that one we might have to credit to MEXICAN ENGINEERING!!!


sorry missed a w

6 buttons on top and few in the side panels


I actually sold a red wico balltop 360. They did come like that for awhile. Pretty rad actually.


What would be a good price for this white Hori RAP4 with custom art & plexi? Hayabusa lever and matte Hayabusa buttons. Compatible with PS3, PS4, and PC. Comes with original packaging and is in excellent condition (I’ve only had it since last month and I am the original owner).



I’d say 150 is a fair asking price. Granted that’s retail value but the only difference between stock and what you’re selling is you added art & plexi.


Alright, thought I was going to start collecting sticks but it’s just taking up too much space and I only use my custom stick nowadays. The time has come to clean up some of my collection. Looking for advice on prices for the following:

  1. XBONE MadCatz TE2 Killer Instinct Stick (black) - stock /w lighted buttons, original box, < 30 hours of use.
  2. PS4/PS3 MadCatz TE2 Rivals Stick (white/orange), brand new /w box, only tested for defects, MadCatz sent me a new plexi because of a scratch and the stick didn’t feel smooth so they sent me that as well, installed both, tested, and then it went back in the box.
  3. PS4/PS3 MadCatz TE2 Chun-Li (blue/yellow), brand new /w box, only tested for defects which there were none and then it went back in the box.
  4. X360 MadCatz TE Round 1 modded /w TE Kitty to work on PS3/PC, everything else stock, original box. Great condition, likely 80-100 hours of use on this one. Also have a matching MadCatz carry bag, not sure if I’ll sell the bag yet.

Smoke free home!



How much is a original TE Rnd 2 XB360 shell worth? No pcb, buttons, JLF, or USB. Wires cut for a multi-PCB like the UFB (labeled), hole cut in the cord bay for a neutrik connector. Guide button area intact. I’d guess around $30-40?


How much should I charge for a vlx kuro premium? All stock. I even have the original box. I was thinking 200-250 plus shipping? Is that too much or about right?


What would a NIB Unicorn HRAP SE (with friends) go for nowadays? This seem about right?


¥150,000 JPY is $1307.13 USD at today’s exchange rate! But yes that seems fair.


Hey everyone,
I’m trying to sell my custom PDP Injustice:

  • custom PCB for the home/start/select/ button, RGB led for player’s number, lock/unlock and LS/DP/RS switch, and USB-B connector,
  • Brooke Universal Fighting Board,
  • custom lighting (rainbow),
  • custom artwork R.Mika SFV from TEK,

It’s been a while I’m trying on EBay but my price may be too high.
How much does it worth to you?


Any idea about how much I should be asking for these? HRAP EX and T5, no PCB in either stick, but both have Neutrik RJ45 feed-through installed and ready for a Cthulhu/PS360/Brook board or whatever, as well as Tek-Innovations top loaders and plexi. The T5 has a modded JLF and brand new Seimitsu buttons.


Any idea what a fair used price would be on a hardly used TE2+ with the Ryu SFV artwork? No box.


Why isn’t this thread stickied anymore? Anyways anybody have an idea on a asking price for a brand new Saulabi 4K? I have one for sale but really not sure how much it would be worth.


Full Sanwa (with button plugs) modded HRAP 2 for PS1 and PS2? I listed it at 150 + shipping