The Price Check Thread


also interested in seeing what a te2+ ryu sfv artwork goes for


sounds fair. I have one of those myself but no desire to ever sell it.


I thought that for a while too but I just don’t play any fighters on PS1 or PS2 anymore.


I thought that for a while too but I just don’t play any fighters on PS1 or PS2 anymore.

I seldom do as well but there are those special occasions when you want to play CVS2.


Or that rare occasion a friend comes over who only plays hyper fighting Ken on ps2 sfac


Anyone know how much the Tekken Hybrid Namco TE stick is going for?


I have seen them go for between $150 And $300 in the last 12 months


Razer Atrox for Xbox One in like-new condition (used for a few hours)? All stock, no mods, full retail package.


150-170ish? They go for 200 new on amazon.


How much y’all figure a new in box hori box ps3 (the red one) should go for?


I’m thinking thats a phone auto correct and you meant VLX?

I would say anywhere from $200 to $400 if you get the right buyer


Wow, good catch, I did mean VLX


Does anyone know what a ps4 hori tekken 7 stick would go for?


I’d guess slightly less than what they cost new seeing as supply can’t keep up with demand the last time I checked.


Got a foehammer ps3 stick with cthulhu board bundled with a ps3 slim 500gb with a couple of games. All in excellent condition. What’s it worth as a package?


VLX Hayabusa edition, never been used. How much do these go for?


Hori soul calibur v, used, custom artwork, and instead of having 8 buttons, it has the 6 main buttons, with box.

SfxT fightstick pro, both used and new.

Qanba q4raf, used.

Mad Catz Soul calibur v fightstick, used

Also (not sure if allowed to buy/sell that) but what about an xbox 360 account with MvC Origins and MvC2.

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Wondering how much this is worth. It’s a Custom Byrdo arcade stick , with a psx pcb. Only one button for start. It uses 24 mm sanwas (it’s a mini stick), and sanwa JLF. Still in excellent working condition.


Byrdo sticks are awesome. I think you can probably get 150-170 for the stick if they know who byrdo is. It’s hard since you can get a panthera for around 150 now and it has so many features.


Hori soul cailbur stick can probably fetch around 65 to 90
Sfxt stick is around 90used / maybe around 125 new
Qanba is around 90
Madcatz soul Calibur is around 100