The Price Check Thread


You can get one new for 250 right now and it comes with sfv:ae


I think you might get 300-350 for the package on a good day.


How much for the entire madcatz tournament edition collection? (so no vs and pro models)

rnd1 / SEALED
rnd2 / SEALED
mvc2 / 30 mins use
mvc3 / SEALED
blazblue / SEALED
mlg / SEALED
fem fat / 30 mins use
cc sagat scar / 30 mins use
s white / SEALED
s black / 30 mins use
s chun / SEALED
s black namco / SEALED
s soul / SEALED
s tag / 30 mins use


I really wished you lived in the states.


Hey everyone,

How much does a MINT SEGA Virtua Stick High Grade for PS3 go for?





Guy on eBay has one for $170. I should’ve figured it was over priced, it is eBay after all.


What does a bare voltech case go for nowadays?


Depending on the condition, ball park $200


Nvm. Sold lmao.
But ok ok, how much for a mad catz soul calibur v stick, used?


Depends on the right buyer and how patient you are

$50 to $100


How much do the akishop PS360+ go for now? I believe there are 2 versions of it? I have the 1st version.

And what about the first SF4 MadCatz fightstick TE?


not sure about the ps360 but the original TE 70-90ish


How much should I offer for a hori fighting stick vx, used with bo box?. Is it worth if I get it cheap?. I know it’s quite hard to mod, since buttons are soldered into the pcb.


cheap and easy to mod would be a madcatz se stick (sf4) (wwe brawl stick)


hey guys how much should I pay for a Team Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick Versus SH Series PS3? Thank you!


how much are mint PS2 virtua sticks going for these days?..they are the ones that come stock with the Seimitsu LS-56 and PS14 buttons.


Hi, I’m selling my Chun-Li TE2… I think they’re rare. I got offered $300 CAD for it, is that too low?


Does anyone know how much roughly it would be to get a Fanta installed into my panthera by a kidder at ceo?


That sounds fair. They aren’t THAT rare.