[The Price Check Thread!]

I’d like to know the going price for the following (last seen):

OBSC-30 / RG ? (I know they’re discontinued, but im sure there are some floating around; whats the price look like for these?

Madcatz TE PCB? (Just the PCB)

Old P360? (Wico)

Thanks guys :]

assuming you mean xbox pcb, they’ve been going for around 30-35 shipped

Sanwa RG as in the heavy-duty micros? Didn’t know they were discontinued-- I’d be interested in seeing what these are going for since I have a some left over from a previous akihabara order.


If you wouldn’t mind making this THE Price Check thread I’ve got a few items that are tough to find a going rate… :]]]]]

ooh obsc-30s nice!

RGs aren’t discontinued, the obsc was a clear top button similar to the seimitsus.

eczangief, Sanwa OBSF-30RG and OBSN-30RG are not discontinued.

Ketchy Kech saying Sanwa OBSC-30 and OBSC-30RG.
Those are discontinued.

^^ Okay thanks! Sorry, didn’t see what you meant. Free bump I guess.

an old wico p360 went for about $60 a while back. not sure how much they are right now though.

60 for old wico p360? Nice, but yeah i meant OBSC-RG, i e-mailed modchipman about em ~ since i read a post from last summer where he had access to some…

I want a WICO P360 as well. I think your best chance of landing one of these is getting one from someone selling an old MAS stick. People don’t normally list them for sell separately.

What’s a Sanwa modded SE for PS3 go for? I’ve got a friend who wants to sell one of his.

I’d say around $80-100 depending on how nice it looks. The TE regularly selling for $100 shipped isn’t helping their price.

I believe the art is stock. It was opened long enough to switch the buttons and stick, then put back after that. He said he’ll sell it to me for $40, and I’m thinking about it because there are some kids who play at my shop who want their own stick but don’t have $100+. But at the same time, I want my friend to get the best price he can. Should I tell him to aim for $70?

Yeah, I imagine it would move quick at $70. $40 is too low and he’s losing money on it.

Slightly off topic: I have 2 P360’s, they are old. How can i tell if they are Wico? Same with some old comp sticks, any way to tell if they are IL or happ?

The P360 will definitely say WICO on the base. Let me know if they do and you’re looking to part with them.

No luck… I dont see anything that looks like WICO on the base. Only part I can’t check is the mounting surface - I assume that isn’t where its marked.

I searched but I couldn’t find the thread. :sad: Take a look at this picture. If I recall correctly it says WICO where it now says HAPP Controls (next to the sticker).

The old WICO P360 is easily up there with the Sanwa Flash. That stick is just so nice in every way but gives you that much stronger feel without killing your wrist like the newer Happ P360’s.

You know I’m interested if they are indeed Wico :]~~~

Mine are blank where that molding has the HAPP logo: