The Pricing Thread

Basically I have an item I want priced (which isn’t for sale) but I couldn’t find a suitable thread to ask this question. Creating one seemed kind of a waste, but since there was no where to post my question, I thought I might aswell create a thread incase people want to ask a similar question…

The item I want priced is Street Fighter Zero 3 on the Saturn. It’s one of my rarer items and I’m wondering it’s current value. I’ve been looking for auctions over the past month or so and most of them have been really high priced.

Would you say these auctions are over priced? The one I have is the box set and it’s in real great condition, should it be selling between these two prices? I’m not talking $200 like the sealed one, as mine is used.

What is the big difference between those two aside from one being new and one 95% new? Is the RAM cart with the used one? I didn’t see anything aside from the case in the first auction picture.

BuyItNow items are always over-priced. Otherwise someone would have bought them already.

RAM cart titles came out in two sets, one standard disc case with the book and spine card, the other is a box set with the 4MB RAM cart. The new one is the box set, which is what I have, although used. So does anyone know how much it’s really worth?

Also, this is a random one but, has anyone ever seen the LE Rockman X4 box set with the action figure? I have never seen one of them for sale…

Anyone know How much the Sega Nomad is Worth for?

I have a Tekken 5 Ultimate Collectors bundle(stick & game) unopened…How much is this worth?

I’ve seen the Zero 3 going for roughly $100 - 120 for the version you have. What makes it so random isn’t as much condition as it is buyers just being desperate.

To get a price comparison, I sold the 4 meg version for $70 w/ spine card.

I saw one LE Rockman X4 once go for about $100, opened but complete and looked new.

How much is a 3S in dynamo cab worth? How much is a naomi1 system worth?

Anybody know how much a Sealed copy of mvc2 for dc is worth?? Us version.

Sealed? My guess would be $50 at least. You usually see used copies in average contition go for like $20 - $30…

Well mine is in like new condition with slight wear on the box, there is corner fade and the box has a slight mark on the front (an unknown hit I don’t know anything about, gutted), otherwise it’s in a very desirable condition. Would you say putting it up for $100 - $120 would be asking too much?

One Saturn game I’ve always wanted was Astra Superstars but I’ve never had $260 handy to be able to buy it. I’ve wanted that LE X4 since I ever knew about it’s existence, not once have I seen it for sale…

Based off of what I see on ebay maybe 70 - 100 bucks. Used copies are going for as much as 60.