The Prince Has Arrived!

Thats right,a complete stranger is comming to town ^^.I just renewd my XBOX live accoutn thingy.The name’s Jeddah…PrinceJeddah.Prince of what you may ask?ahem
A)My Gabrielle’s prince
Thaaaats right,im a total newb and I admit it.HA,the funniest part about it is that I actually kill people from time to time ^
^.Those “professionals” out there,better watch out.You get beaten by me,you lose all right to call yourself a f****** XBOX live playa.Thaaats right,especially on Halo2.Rank1,and I still beat down people higher lvls than me,and im a total neeeewb(AND ADMIT IT!!!).I’ll be on mostly on Halo2,palying with my cuz |||WarPrince|||.Lets see if you can take me?Lose to me,and you should seriosly chop off your penis and stop playing Halo2:lame:.Hope to see somebody soon.Take care :slight_smile:

uh right me killed by you
not happening but you killin Lajin the great happens and other guys.
and another thing dont make up lies in other games about how you beat me cause i know you stopped but i think i found one in the DOAU forums but whatever you know what happens when we play Guilty Gear or Street fighter 3rd strike or DOAU or Halo 2, or you know you get the picture.
but yeah
AkKitoSohma’s Gamertag is Prince Jeddah
Samurai 20XX"(me) is l War Prince l
please dont get confused with the princes

Agh…Actually,nvm…Thanks to a f****** root canal,I wont be playing XBOX live for a while…Well,good games to yall,im hoping that I can shove an automatic assault rifle up your right nasal passage soon =^_^=

Dude I never said that I killed you…Well,not right now.And pleeeaaase,you just dont wanna admit it,War Prince!Hah!But lets just let the past rest,eh?And that otehr guys name that I beat,was “RYM3Z” or something.The little fucker sucked so much ass.Oh,and “KidZeus”.Surprise that I can remember such losers:rofl:.Well,anyhow, im looking forward to getting back on my feet and playing XBOX Live again,especially Halo2.Im the newb that’ll down your reptation a few pegs,remember that:wgrin:

Dude I never said that I killed you…Well,not right now.And pleeeaaase,you just dont wanna admit it,War Prince!QUOTE]
what the hell, seriously
you know you haven’t beat me

Why wasnt this thread a fucking instant message?

Dont know.Have nothing to do and I was seriously bored.So instead of hurling pernguins at random(diversly planned) pedestrians(as in people with 4 penises) I decided to post here,since I just got a new freaking XBOX live account.Thanks for making this little thread live longer though.Just contributed in something you were against. :slight_smile: