The problem with Netflix Canada

lol clear sign only women are re-upping that next generation in canada.

Hey Princess Bride has Andre in it so as a Canadian Netflix user I’m glad for that at least.

And for $8 a month it’s still better then paying for cable. Now I can watch Jason Takes Manhattan every night if I want to.

Netflix Canada is abosultely horrible.

Terrible selection of mainly straight to video garbage and movies they already show on TV all the time. Why is our Netflix not equivalent to the American version where nearly anything released on home video is availiable?!

AND THE WORST PART OF IT ALL is that when you search for something it will show all the shit availiable on the US Netflix but theyll just be faded out and unselectable in your country. Fuck you netflix canada, fuck you and die.

Why can’t I see the image?

Yeah, Netflix needs a* lot *more movies to make it worthwhile. During the time I had it for free, I watched some old Kurosawa films, Fearless, and Ichi the Killer. There were a lot of movies I looked for but didn’t find.

Don’t be hatin’ on Timon’s people.

You know why? It’s the CRTC. They “protect” Canadian media by not allowing more than some proportion of foreign stuff on the air. There’s a whole petition to disband the CRTC because they’re really out of date in this day and age.

where? i wanna sign it!

If you want the US shows all you have to do is go in through a US IP address. Proxy or VPN that shit and call it a day.

EDIT- I’m not sure how OK the mods are with IP hiding talk for the sake of bulldozing international regulations are. Ronin?

Again hide your IP, not hard, why fight what you don’t have to?

You can’t stream through proxy. Also, you need a US credit card for US netflix.

talking to a friend in the UK and he can do it so…

Anyone know if when someone calls Netflix, do they really give a crap about a member’s opinion regarding their lame-ss selections? Seriously, we’ve been members since last year and every time we’ve seen their bogus selection of “New Movie Arrivals” we’ve often thought about calling up Netflix and raising supreme sht.

Although we’re not fans of the titles here, these HAVE BEEN listed as “new Arrivals” since at least last October (2010). What a bunch of garbage!

Marley & Me, Miss March, I Love You Beth Cooper. And to top it off with something like a more recent one such as King of New York and listed as “Special Edition” and from MediaLooks, what kind of company keeps that friggin’ logo above the movie for the whole thing anyway? Didn’t matter if it was played on our Panasonic Blu_Ray which has Netflix option built-into the unit and a button for it on the remote control, our PS3, laptop PC’s or desktops.

Makes me wonder what kind of idiots they have working for Netflix Canada to begin with. New Arrivals 7-8 months later? C’mon, this has very little to do with the CRTC and sure, sometimes they’re to blame for some of the crappy selection but Netflix themselves are conning everyone with this nonsense.

Added note: to get U.S. Netflix in Canada you definitely NEED a U.S. address on your CC. and you’ll bump over to 7-day trial, minor change to your router’s settings. You’ll need to do some reading but not much.

Also, read this:

Lastly, you can get a U.S. mailing address which can also be used to have items sent from say, a U.S. eBay seller who doesn’t want to sell to a Canadian buyer because he won’t ship to Canada but then you can purchase and have it FIRST sent to a Florida address and they re-send to you. Pretty much Mastercard is the way to go for telling them you need a U.S. address added to your card’s info and then you’re good to go.

If you don’t wish to do much more than take teh 7-day free trial from then just try that first to see how good the U.S. Netflix is…