The Problem with SFxTK?


Was surfing the net (particularly gaming websites) for weeks now and it seems that many people still complain over the fact that SFxTk plays more like a SF title than a Tekken one.

My question: Wasn’t that the aim? Isn’t SFxTK supposed to show how Tekken characters perform in a SF environment while TKxSF will show the opposite?

The biggest issues with this game, imo, stem from the 12 on-disc characters that I have already thoroughly enjoyed playing with on my 360. The gem system and pandora, and the balance patches that Capcom has released.

Where is this argument that it plays to much like a Street Fighter title coming from? Isn’t that on purpose or am I missing something?

Oh, and De Goddess has returned


SFxT’s problem has a name: SFIV. People have SFIV highly idealized to the point they won’t accept a fighting game with a different system.

The on-disc DLC and the assist gems have been the perfect excuse for those unable to adapt to disqualify the game. Same with MvC3, which began to be accepted after EVO’s hype.

The game has its problems, but just like any other fighting game.


Oh yes, jab filled lackluster, linear gameplay full of timeouts and glitches. It’s definately all SF4’s fault, it’s just because people don’t want to adapt and not because it is incredibly boring to play and watch.


Play KOF!


According to many respectable players this game was “awesome” just before launch. What has changed exactly? Even KoFXIII, Soul Calibur, Skullgirs and other fighting games where cool until for no apparently reason people stopped playing those.

SFIV is credited for resurrecting the fighting game genre but the reality is that nobody is willing to try other games.


Respectable players like Flash Metroid, Kappa. Since when have people stopped playing those games, SG and KoF had plenty of entrants (SC5 not sure.) in the last few majors, I don’t know what you gave you the idea that people had stopped playing them.



Ranting thread.

The problem is too many people focusing on problems.


My disk has over 40 on it. Imagine how much fun you could have with those.

Actually this game is fine. Just because it didn’t turn out the next big Capcom blowout game to be featured #1 at every big tournament since its release and henceforth doesn’t mean it’s a failure.

The dlc is a fiasco, though, and they’ll feel that one and probably take measures.

But they will patch the game and most of the common complaints people have about the game mechanics that are being blown out of proportion right now due to anti-hype are going to be addressed, because they can’t afford to drop support for one of their big titles, even if it performed poorly. We might need to exercise some patience, though.

I do find it funny that SF4 is now being pointed fingers at for stealing some of SFxT’s light, when it has been treated as the red-headed stepchild of the series since its release. It had similar complaints about it right from the start, too. Ultras were bad. Input shortcuts were bad.


yeah why make a game more enjoyable for everyone


Focusing on problems doesn’t necessarily equate to making something more enjoyable. Maybe he’s saying that all of this focusing on problems is killing the hype and making it harder to just enjoy what is good about the game, yeah?


There is a big difference between helpful feedback and helpless bashing and bitching, which has been going on for a few months now.

People complained about things in SF4 which they addressed in xT(example “cheap” throw startup)
We know it has flaws just like any other new game, and we know they are working on them, but people find more things to bitch about :lame: and its enough already.


That’s the problem most of tekken cast don’t perform well at all.
Scratch that, they are fine but the top tier pretty much shits on most of them that it makes it irrelevant how well they were designed.


This thread is still open?


Aaaaaand, SFxT still has more tourney entrants than those games.

So, yeah.

Just wanted to make sure that point was made before this thread got nuked.


The problem is that people that don’t play the game are louder than the ones that do play the game.


Please tell us more.


Wait, what?


I am not trying to defend capcom because I bust my ass getting an early copy of sfxt to learn that 12 characters are on the disc that wouldnt be an issue if the characters was released slowly over the course of sfxt’s lifespan but it wasnt and I feel it was abit due to capcom being greedy and signing that contract with sony for the vita version,now some people say capcom doesnt listen to us and I disagree I mean they are not going to listen to everything but if they didnt listen we would have a2012 balance change or any balance change,some people dont understand that WE are not the only people they are trying to sell the game to they are not stupid they dont want (sorry 3s fans) sf3 with its poor sales due to it being made mainly for hardcore,now I think that capcom will rethink sfxt,again if they can fix up the derp that was in vanilla mvc3 and the dumbness that was in vanilla sf4 they can fix sfxt


Because it’s made by Capcom, not because it’s good.


It has nothing to do with it playing too much like Street Fighter. The problem is all the mechanical problems that honestly don’t make much sense, like [walk > jab] xN actually working or the assist gems being as stupid as they are.