The problem with the Sagat Threads

It seems like the sagat threads are pretty much dead. No new questions being asked and no new threads being posted.

Sagat while being a good character does not mean he doesn’t have to work to succeed. Whether or not its suggestions for character improvement or match up knowledge i don’t think everything has been solved.

EmblemLord and JIJI are probably some of the more contributing members to these boards. I think its time for all of us to step up and contribute more to help all of our game!

The problem is that, and this is easy for me to say since I’m not the one doing the majority of the work, the more knowledgable players have to redo most of the work that has been done (i.e. match-up guides).

Sure, the majority can help out with combo threads and such, but the hard work requires the best Sagats to do it, and that kinda sucks for them to have it on their shoulders.

At the very least they should post what kind of bad matches they have and ask for advice. this is a good way to see general weaknesses

I agree. I wish someone would take the bull by the horns and bring this forum back to life with updated / organized / clean knowledge.

It’s a good thing in a way because I have to work for it, but I learn most of my Sagat knowledge through the training room and videos, unlike Juri, Akuma, Ryu and Cody where most of the work is laid out for me.

As a Sagat secondary, and long time lingerer of many threads. I think the problem is part laziness by new players (not searching) and part laziness by the main players (not answering). That’s not just specific to the Gat thread though.

A lot of questions go for day’s without info or responses. You only need to look at the last question asked in the Simple Question & Answers thread. I find if you have a few players , no matter how stupid the question, that respond, new players latch on to that and ask more. If they get ignored or ridiculed then they usually don’t return.

Of all the threads I hang out on, I’d say the Sagat thread is probably the least active. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some outstanding advice by Emblemlord, Iilovebooty etc etc. It seems like Sagat doesn’t have a real attraction at the minute, although that might change now.

Perhaps you just need to freshen things up. Make a V 2012 thread and take it from there?

You also have to take into account that Sagat hasn’t had any major work done to him (change wise) for a long time now.

(this post was not created to offend anyone, just my personal thoughts)

The matchup thread which is the most important thread in any character forum hasn’t been updated in 3 years lol sagat players need to step up their knowledge game, this is just sad.

There is a matchup thread for super you just, gotta look. Its not the top players responsiblity to get you better. Put in the work, watch videos try stuff out. I highly suggest you join your local scene if you really want to get better. Online won’t take you far by itself for the most part.

Yeah, there is a Super version of the match-up thread. At least have that stickied and take down the old one. But I think there needs to be a brand new one for AE (considering all the changes, new characters, etc).

Fortunately a majority of the tactics remain intact. Emblem put out some incredible foundations to build your own Sagat upon. Unfortunately, there happens to be a lot of miscommunication and faulty remarks that have really hurt our forums. Honestly I’ve been a lurker for long time and I finally made an account a while back. I’m sure with AE 2012 around the corner we’ll have a lot more to talk about.

one thing so far. angry scar buff!

but on a serious note, we’ll see a rise in our bad match ups it seems. so it’s time to be ready for em.

adon will be a big new threat i think. Fei will still be hard. Gouken is gonna be a dark horse. And Guy especially, he’s been getting stronger and stronger since super.

Sagat will continue to merk Gouken as long as he has Angry Scar, Tiger Cannon and Tiger Knee.

not sure what merk is but i assume have the edge on. kind of curious but what do you use tier cannon for rather than u1?

Pretty much all Gouken really has in that match is baiting and Gohadoukens. Tiger Cannon limits both. Gouken will try to do alot of flip baits to draw out whiffed uppercuts and whiffed AA attempts in general that he can punish. You see one of those it’s a free Cannon. And since Gouken will spend alot of time throwing fireballs, revenge meter is free. It’s plausible to get 2 cannons in a match before Sagat actually takes damage.

Thanks for the reply.

although i’ve fought some decent goukens online that seems to punish fireballs very nearly on reaction making the fireball war seem to be in his favor. His palms seem to be able to punish almost on reaction.

It’s probably just me being a little too predictable in my fireballing because i can obviously punish big off a blocked palm. but i find very patient goukens to be a pain to fight against. need more exp probably.

Seems i play more patient goukens that are willing to grind it out forcing me to move in on them.

I fought a very good gouken in a national tourney just yesterday. Ill link it asap.

OT : Problem is too many questions
Too little time spent in lab.

Honestly once you get a knockdown zoning is over. Time to rush the old man down. If all you know how to do is throw fireballs then you are going to lose. Sorry.

I dare say none of you know how to rush down properly and why would you? Sagat is primarily a zoning character.

Heh actually my style of sagat is mostly rush down. my zoning game needs some work ironically. that being said, i tend to be more impatient and thats why i lose to some goukens i think anyway.

Just posted some stuff in my taking sagat to the next level. tell me what you think guys.

I really agree with the difficulty in finding useful/updated information in this board in particular, and I feel like most of the problem stems from still having threads from vanilla stickied without updates in the first posts at all. It’s a huge pain to have to search through pages and pages of threads to find a post or two on a matchup you want to get some very basic information about, because it’s not present in an updated sticky. It seems like the srk wiki would be a good place for stuff like that, except I get the impression very very few people have the ability to add information there (or not many people realize it exists), which is why every character’s page there is devoid of information. I mean look at this: There’s a great tool sitting there, and yet aside from the frame data (which is helpful), all the other sections of each character’s page is empty. I clicked a dozen random character pages, and only 3 of them had combos listed, 2 of those being the twins, and the rest had empty sections for “Basics”, “Combos” “Strategy” and “Matchups”.

I would love to see someone knowledgeable go through the current stickies and copy out all the still-useful information and prune out the outdated things, and make new threads that actually have at very least some basics. Updated matchup basics in particular would be a huge help. The current matchup sticky is still all from vanilla, and not only lacks some basic matchups from there (akuma, ryu, ken), but also is obviously missing all the new characters from super and AE. It seems like a joke to have threads that haven’t been updated since 2009 still stickied. I do understand that discussion still happens on a fairly regular basis in the big threads, but having an up-to-date place to have a consolidated list of quick tips or strategies for matchups would make a world of difference, and probably bring more people in here to discuss the more in-depth stuff too, instead of having archaic threads drive them away

Just my 2 cents as a nobody who fairly recently started playing sagat.

We did that… then the thread got lost among the rest.