The Procrastination Thread


Mention what you should you be doing right now but you aren’t.
For example:

I should be going to Wal-mart right now. But since it’s raining like a monsoon outside… I’m at home, relaxing on my warm couch, typing up this thread.


Im suppose to be reading a few chapters for homework but im watching SummerJam.


I should be doing something with my life. Instead I’m on SRK sifting through retarded reported posts.


Looks over at notes that he should be reviewing

Yeah yeah, I know…


You are doing something with your life…you’re enforcing internet justice.


I know this is an example but this doesn’t seem like it’s procrastination. Heavy rain keeps me off the roads too.


Meh Wal-mart isn’t far and I told my GF I would go yesterday lol. I’m probably gonna go out in the next 15 min and do it though.

Ugh Wal-mart is so nasty though.


Ah ok. The fact that you were suppose to have gone and you’re still putting it off requalifies this as procrastination. No one should have to go to Wa-lMart. If she specifcally requested Wal-Mart, she owes you.


Well, I really should go to bed early because I have to get up even earlier this semester (luckily I come in to school at 10am on Fridays and on Monday I only have three classes with a three hour gap), but at least I have my shit prepared for tomorrow.


I’ll reply to this thread later.


Should be training for my career in network marketing, but I’m on FB and random forums such as this.Ugh