The Procrastination Thread


So… you’ve got a physics II and genetics test in 2 days and what are you doing? stalking SRK of course!

discuss what you should be doing right now instead of being on the boards.


I’ll answer this later.


I’m doing homework right now. I’ll tell you later.


Getting my life back on track :smiley:


quiz tomrrow and Thursday, two homework due tuesday, project due Friday
best of all, I haven’t start on any of them


Editing a paper for my Great Asian Directors course.


I have to complete a worksheet and rewrite review contents on a recent powerpoint. I ain’t doing shit because I am sick. Earlier, I missed work because I forgot that I get my upcomming schedule sent on a Thursday and havn’t been on a computer until today. But I really don’t give a shit if I get fired, I want to tip a large shelf on this stupid fire crotch highschooler that has nothing but hateful things to say and it’s only been a few weeks since I’ve started.


Hope it’s not a spelling quiz.

I should be playing Star Ocean instead of being here…



Procrastination is my nature!!!


'Got some math stuff due tommorow and a Japanese test.


Should be doing my math homework that’s due tomorrow. It’s a somewhat big assignement…

haven’t started yet. >_>


Got 2 tests Tuesday and haven’t studied one bit.:sweat:


got so much to do , but to lazy to even type it all. lol. i really need to go back to school to enter med school


Got essays due in 3 weeks and I’ve already started them.

Fuck you procrastination! not this year!


I’ve been waiting to post this for 3 hours

And now Im procrastinating from leaving the comp:(

its a vicious cycle


So … like … yah I’ll finish typing this later…


Quiz tomorrow at 11AM, and a Lab Report due Tuesday at 1PM.

Also got some bills to pay but I’m probably gonna take care of that on the day before it’s due.


Should be at school about 10 minutes ago. Guess I’m not going today.




Trying to get my music library to 80GB worth. Been stuck on 70 for awhile now.