The Progressive Auto Insurance Girl

  • Would you hit it?

Name your price.


For free.

Flo? She’s thick. She probably has a huge muff though.

Great thread. Sticky plz.

And yes. Oh god yes.

I’d hit it like it I was trying to get my bonus stage points- true facts.



I’d marry that chick in like 5 seconds

i was confused for a second and clicked this thread cause I thought it was about erin esurance. now that would be an interesting thread.

you talking about the pink haired girl or that brown haird one?

definitely would hit that

She’s like a curvy, brunette elliot from scrubs…in other words…i’d be all over that.


She’s on the front page. It’s tough to find pictures of her where she isn’t making a goofy face.

Hells yea. Look at those fucking lips man.

I would destroy that.

Ninja Edit: Her name is Stephanie Courtney.

I wouldn’t fuck with Stephanie unless she was in character/costume- true facts.

Yes, but I’d feel guilty about cheating on Erin Esurance. One day I will move to California, seduce & then marry Mo Mellady (the woman who voices her) and all will be right in the world.

we’ve had this discussion like 628 times, almosteveryone would smash the progressive chick, although reports on the actual chick are up in the air.
They had to create that character off of a focus group composed of teenage - 20 something year old guys.

Was that time interval intentionally or just by coincidence the same length of time that you last in bed?