The Promised Neverland Thread


New chapter out

I guess I’m not really surprised that Mama reacted that way in the end. I can empathize with her. To think that it only took one chapter to make me feel differently about her. Great chapter.


Damn good first arc. Has kind of the same feel you get from the first half of Death Note.


Author must’ve taken some lessons from Oda… to feel bad for the “antagonist”. :f
Isabella was/is one of my favorite characters in recent history and the way she’s drawn is just top notch.

Still my favorite moment.


New chapter out

Ya’ll need to get on this manga.


This series is dope, was pleasantly surprised by it. The art, especially the cover stuff, is some top tier shit.


Caught up on the Manga…


New chapter out.

I really don’t know where this manga is going at this point lol


Bumping dead thread :angry:


Decent couple of chapters, though it’s now reading more like an adventure comic (though with more vulnerable protagonists).

Considering the brutality of the first arc, I’m wondering how long it’ll be until one of the redshirt kids gets eaten.


Oh shit…


How will they evade the Demon search party?


Right now the demons are only really onto ONE of them. So how this plays out is up to him.


I can only imagine the other ‘short stories’/parables in that old book they are carrying; its literally a life saver for them kids.


Oh dang, another chapter already.


So we finally meet another (possible) human. Even if this one is a demon of some sort, with Emma down, the kids don’t really have any choice but to follow her.


New chapter out

Anyone thinking about skull knight in that last scene? lol



So the mystery rescuers are demons?


Hoping they are vegans…


looks like we’ll finally get some answers.


[details=Spoiler]So there are 2 worlds…or 2 halves of the same world?
Either way…interesting way of explaining some history.[/details]


The way I understand it, it’s the same world with a specifically assigned territory for the demons. Interesting to know that humans seem to be powerful enough to be on the same level as them. Whereas the manga made it seem like humans can do absolutely nothing against demons.


New chapter is out…