The Promised Neverland Thread


New chapter is out…


Kinda fucked up how they also have to use the flower for hunting and feeding themselves. There’s an interesting moral behind it when you think about it. It’s all about survival and perhaps the demons only want to survive too.


Although I wonder if they can all survive without any problems if they chose to not eat humans like Sunwoo and the demon girl


New chapter is up…



Well, shit. I didn’t expect Sung Joo to have that kind of reason for helping them.


I kinda didn’t really get the reason behind it. Seems to me he can just eat them and thats it?


seems like in his religion he can’t eat farmed food. He’s hoping they raise their own kids to make them “natural” and open for them to hunt. So yeah he’s basically helping them to eventually eat humans again. Or better yet, if they open the gateway again.


Them demons with the long con. Makes you wonder how long they live, if they’re thinking generations ahead.


NNNNN at this latest chapter…


As much as I don’t like his reasoning for not eating humans…I’m hoping Sung Joo to job to those raiders


We need a studio to pick this ish; i need to see this series in motion. Shits awesome :tup:


He already slaughtered them all. On page 5, you can see he cut the head off of the pursuer.



I bet this new guy will help them for sure


[details=Spoiler]Well, I mean, on the other hand… Emma was literally just recently taught how to kill.

On the other hand. The first human they’ve run into outside of the ruins, and he’s got Character Design going on. I doubt we’ll get rid of him too soon.[/details]


New chapter is up…


Well that guy is a loony lol


The word that encapsulates this chapter is “NUTS!”.


New chapter is up…and those kids better know how to fight.


I know they are kids but sometimes they seem mad naive thinking everything will be fine and dandy.


They literally had a gun pulled on them and they didn’t think to search him for more weapons?


New chapter is up…


I’m calling it now. He’s going to be a lovable mentor and will somehow get killed in the future lol.