The pros and cons of C-Kyo

I haven’t really seen a whole lot posted on C-Kyo, so i’m sorry if i’m treading over anyone else’s posts.

C-Kyo may not be the best version. Hell, it may not even be good, I could just be a moron. But i’m here to make my case all the same.

Let’s start with what makes C-Kyo not good. For one, his dash is pretty crappy. It goes way too far and people can see you comin from a mile away. His roll sucks as well, and that can be easily punished. He now is without Run, Small Jump, doesnt have the parrying craziness of P-Groove nor the massive damage of K or even N groove. That covers the glaring problems.

Now, for what I think makes this good. He has some very good level 2 cancels which can be combo’ed into very easily. With good timing and precision, his AA cancels can also be used quite effectively. I’ll list the cancels that I actually find useful first. Note that these are without any normals before them, so feel free to throw in your own links into it, i’m just lazy.

Ground to Ground (only using 2/3rds of meter)
qcf x 2 + MP, qcf HK+HK, DP HP or HK

Ground to Ground (using all of meter)
qcf x 2 + MP, qcf HK+HK, qcb-hcf + lp

Air to Air (2/3rds of meter)
qcb-hcf + mp, qcf HK+HK, DP HP or HK

Air to Air (all of meter)
qcb-hcf + mp, qcb-hcf + lp

You may want to use MK’s on the launcher kicks for the first Anti Air. I also feel that having alpha counters on Kyo can help out greatly if you find yourself being pressured too much. Air block isnt anything special for Kyo, but it is always nice to have for the few occasions that it’s useful. I’ve had quite a bit of success in using Kyo on C-groove, I think it’s just a fun alternative to my hit or miss P-Kyo.

Kyo’s dash doesn’t suck. It’s not meant to be used randomly as a means of getting in like one might use a shoto’s dash that’s all. As you’ve already said, it goes really far. Use that to your C-Kyo’s advantage by using it to cover ground quickly. Mostly only after a heavy frame advantage giving move (meaty close s.MP) will dashing in to catch an opponent off guard usually work. Wanting to dash in all the time instead of playing footgames with the d.HK, far s.HK, and df+HK is a tell-tale sign of a beginner Kyo player, so learn how to use the dash correctly to become a stronger player.

I’ve played against a couple good C-Kyo players before and they make great use of the dash and the ambiguious roll after a knockdown to make them confusing to block against.

Thanks for the additional cancels ragnafrak, i’ll have to try those out.

kcxj, I get what your saying about Kyo, and I think I need to articulate my statement a little better. The problem with Kyo’s dash, for me at least, is not that it sucks, but that my other two main C-groove characters (Iori and Ryu) both have a similar dash that is completely different from Kyo’s, and I often forget that in the middle of a fight and have to watch helplessly as Kyo hops his way to massive pain.

I do think my footgames need some more work, and if I can make them better along with bettering my use of the dash, I will get better. Thanks for the help.

For the most part s.rh xx lvl 2 will always connect, counter-hit or not.