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is anybody besides me getting frustrated with the lack of effort from people online? i feel as though the fgc for street fighter on ps3 is purposely being trolled, i’m currently at 1104 pp and i find it hard to bring my boxer up to a B rank due to the fact that people don’t take the game seriously, the american fgc online seems to be dominated by scrubs in general and they ruin the game for honest players like myself. the community in a way seems to be going downhill due to the fact that there are people (usually americans) who don’t know how to play the game and mash out buttons, is anyone else bothered by this?


not sure exactly what you mean here to be honest

and dont take online seriously, find some local comp and do that if you want to be competitive


I’m not on PS3 so can’t comment on that, but I can tell you it’s the same (For various different reasons) on PC.

PC SF4 communities have been behind the PS/Xbox communities due to later releases, so the skillcap was always typically lower with the most top players being those who have a PC port and a console port. Now, I’m no pro but I do try my best and try to take things with a pinch of seriousness but unfortunately 95% of opponents are more than content to just spam random garbage and, sadly, this is actually more likely to net you wins than taking it seriously if you’re not willing to just down-back and wait to punish everything, which is such a stale way to play.

Once I got my 3k BP/PP (At the time I was, like, No.500 or something) I stopped going Ranked altogether and just stuck with Endless games (IF I couldn’t find any of my friends/sparring partners to play against) because it was simply too frustrating being randomed out half the time by mindless players.

Best you can do is take your game offline with like-minded people and play that way, or simply stick to a mode that has less risk/reward. At least in Endless if you get dirtnapped by mongloids you can leave or kick and keep trying until you find an opponent you’d like to stick with.

I’d like to learn and improve just like most other semi-self-respecting SF players but this simply can’t happen on PC where remotely decent opponents can be hard to find on decent connections and the rest being full of mashers and random-spammers, so the last thing I’d do in this scenario is go ranked.

Best case scenario is I log on and there happens to be a few friends or sparring partners around who I enjoy playing with, that are free for some matches.

Semi-decent scenario is I pop into Endless and find a decent opponent to spar with.

Worst case scenario is anything that doesn’t include the above, to which I just log off and play something else - Hell, I get more fun out of hitting the training room to practice executions and make videos for this forum than I do anything that isn’t the above two.


I am just interested in getting my boxer up to a B and getting my tenpeat trophy, after that i’m going with the endless plan.


Well in that case you just have to suck it up and accept that you’re going to have to get your fight money from a lot of garbage playstyle. Best bet is to find some worthwhile opponents who aren’t shy of repeated games and just have some ranked sessions with them - Even I’ve found a few people on ranked who didn’t mind about 5 games back to back even if I won most or vice versa, just so long as I was happy in the hand I was being dealt.

But yes, I’d suggest doing what I did, hit a rank/area you’re comfy with then just stop that mode if it’s causing more frustration than it’s worth - It’s a game afterall, even if competative, and games should be enjoyed. If you try to push too hard you’ll just get angry.


So you don’t want to get better am I right? Your just playing these games for Trophies/Achievements?

To be honest with you, you don’t have the right mindset at all from what ive read so far. Don’t blame scrubs for you not ranking up, suck it up.


From what I hear, PS3 online is no where near as good as XBL online. That may be a problem, but that’s neither here nor there.

I kinda agree with Super Sick Case in that you aren’t in the right mindset, but for different reasons. Playing online is easily, one of the best places to level up since you have an infinite number of different players and the ability to experience all of the matchups. Winning a lot online doesn’t mean you’re a good player, it means that you’re consistent. In general, if you’re losing to a “scrub”, it’s for one or two reasons: (1) you’re a scrub or (2) they are not a scrub.

That’s much deeper than what it seems. Because we are involved in the forums and know a lot about frame data and matchups, we are high and mighty and say that if you mash you’re a scrub…but the scrub is still winning because you/we are making the same mistake. Does that make him a scrub or does it simply mean he’s playing to win? And to make that even more deeper, some matchups aren’t really scrubby: i.e. Balrog vs. C. Viper. Those two characters play two DIFFERENT versions of SF4. Viper footsies are not Balrog Footsies, and it’s really easy to call someone a scrub when you say that’s all they do, FFF into ex.seizmo, wakeup dp, wakeup dp feint, burn kick cross up burn kick ad-infinitum, but that’s what the character is SUPPOSED to do.

The characters just don’t play the game the same and if you play online enough, you’ll learn more about matchups, more about players, more about what certain characters can do, and eventually. You won’t lose as often to the real scrubs, and you’ll be able to notice what a good player actually plays like as well as know when the reason you lost a match was because of you and not because the player was better.

So if you want to level up, beat the sub-par competition consistently, then complain about how you know you know you’re a good player, but you keep making silly mistakes; and ask us on the forums if we’ve had that problem and if so, how we moved past it.


I’m on PSN, and it isn’t that bad. If you are so desprate to win, than just spam overhead and sweep. I played that way, and got to B rank with ease. Now i just go to endless.


no actual point in trying to get better because of the balance issues, I love playing the game and the community is great but online is a mess, i just want to achieve what i want and enjoy the game in my own way


Its you again…i remember the topic you post up on SSFIV:AE is Garbage Online Now-THE FGC IS DYING IN USA.

you see son, this game its not about prediction, you’re too depend in reading pattern which nothingless made you a flowchart actually.
dats why you got your incisive kicked hard. (you know what is flowchart don’t cha?)

i’m a masher and pull plenty of random moves, normal, sudden special, ex, fadc, unwarned super and ultra (sometimes in wake-ups).
i’m proud to be a masher, and you gotta be tick off if you watch my reply (check my proud crazy mash inputs). imagine if you got beat senseless by me via online or offline, you might come again here to rant.

i receive a lot “loveletters” ( ragemail ) that makes my heart warmth after i kick someone arse. most of them claim i’m disrespect for mashing out my 360grab or multi-c.jab which causing their combo string interrupted. you see wimp, this ain’t darkstalker or crossover series.

You know what buddy, its not by complaining the fgc in america or any other place dying, but its by gving a wamrth good sport and encouragement to other players regardless how they play (except for turtles). an insult just make u worse scrubby, and your bp dat you care so much aint reflecting how much pro you are, if you don’t fix your attitude.

see ya around … you next DarksydePhil !!


To the last guy…im sorry but if u feel its ok to mash u should hold no ill will towards “turtles”.