The PSN Game Trading/Sharing Thread [07-09 members read the first post]


Got some games you want to share with some fellow SRK members? Willing to trade one game share for another? This is the place to do it.

*** If you’re an '07-'09 member read the rules in [this thread] before posting in here… dood.***
-Yeah Dood 120%

Just Post your SRK PSN name * if it isnt already under your name here like the xbox live gamertags are * and what games you have and are looking for, or if you just want to be friendly and share the psn love:angel:

Remember that only 4 other people can download a copy of a game you have bought, and vica versa. Keep your password seperate from other important things like email and forums, and clear your Credit Card info ! just to be on the safe side ^.~.

Here’s a faq on it, thanks to impactlol:

Now lets get to it :wink:

Have : Tekken 5 DR , Super Stardust HD

Looking For : Crash Bandicoot , Crash 2, Puzzle Fighter , Everyday Shooter.


anyone willing to trade rockband songs? i dont have none yet but i plan on getting some.


I’d like to get in on this but don’t have a clue how to share stuff. AND I’d have to take a look at what games I’ve downloaded.

Can you share add-on content too?


have: super puzzle fighter
looking for: tekken 5 DR , super stardust HD


oops. sry laceysan. been busy. well, rather lazy lol. let me know what time you can get online and we can work something out :3


I’m not sure how this works but I got:

Puzzle Fighter
Tekken DR Online
and both of the map packs for ResistanceFOM

Just looking for Warhawk

Hit me up if you have it.


Warhawk is unsharable


I need T5. I got PFHD and Everyday Shooter.


Sharing games!?!? tekken can be shared !? i can get a tekken copy from somebody for free!? with out credit card!? how does this worK??


have: puzzle fighter hd
want: castlevania sotn/tekken 5


I am looking for

  • Crash Bandicoot: Warped [PSP/PS3]

I can offer only EU store stuff

  • Theme Hospital [PSP/PS3]
  • Crash Bandicoot [PSP/PS3]
  • Beats [PSP]


lemme get loco roco


puzzle fighter and everyday shooter


no more trading… someone just burned me and i have too much legit stuff to let someone have $100 worth of games for free. i think i stopped him before anything was completed downloading though. basically i got false info… tried signing back into my name… to tell him… then he signed back into my name… this went back and forth about 30 or so times. meanwhile i was trying to change my password back and then he would sign in and i couldn’t… i though well okay f*cker i will outsmart you… let him have it for like 30 seconds… tried to sign in and the password was changed… then i did the “forgot password” recovery and got it back. so thats it… i figure I have the money I will just buy the crappy games myself. everyone good luck and be careful.


PSN game sharing thread

figured SRK needed one of these. stole from NeoGAF.

with that said post the games you have and what you want in return.

Wild Arms PS1
Twisted Metal 2 PS1
Super Stardust HD
Tekken 5 DR


I have Tekken DR…

Puzzle fighter HD remix? anyone have it?

This wont my PS3 will it?


all ive got is puzzle fighter. im looking for anything. mostly castlevania though.


I’m looking to trade Everyday Shooter for Super Stardust HD or Wild Arms. PM/IM if willing plz.


I have: Twisted Metal 2, Trials of Topaq, Jepoardy, Echochrome (PSP)

Want: Buzz Trivia

How is Everyday shooter?


Geometry Wars with a better chain system. And the first level will make you go color blind. And the third level batshit crazy.