The PSN Game Trading/Sharing Thread [07-09 members read the first post]


tekken DR and SF2HDR seem to be the gold mines in this thread


Want: Tekken 5 DR hopefully with online add on

PM me please?!

EDIT: Also have Bionic Commando Rearmed for trade


Still looking…I dont know if racecar pulled a fast one on me but i gave up one of my games because he failed to realize that his activation limit on his PS3 was reached.


yes, played with both friends i share accounts with already


bump. :stuck_out_tongue:



Super Stardust HD + team expansion
pixeljunk eden
echochrome <=== Now with Trophy support for the trophy whores among us!
bionic commando rearmed

Prince of persia classic
wipeout HD


As long as you two both are using the same ps3, and if you can share your brother’s account info it will work (or if you’re both using the same PSN account then you can share yours)


Think this is the best explanation/FAQ for it:


For the “sender”:

  1. Purchase and download a game from the Playstation Store
  2. Go to account management for the account and delete the billing information from your personal information if the PS3 saved your credit card info
  3. Change your password temporarily for the share
  4. Give login info (email address and password) to the receiver
  5. When the share is completed, change the password

For the “receiver”:

  1. In the PS3 XMB menu, add a new user account on your PS3 and sign in to it
  2. Select the network on the XMB and create an existing Playstation Network account
  3. Use the login information given from the “sender” to create the existing account
  4. Login into the account
  5. Enter into the Playstation store
  6. Click on “Download List” on the upper right near the person’s userID and select the game you wish to download and hit download
  7. After game is downloaded, notify the “sender” that the download is complete so they can change the password to the account
  8. Enjoy!


Q: Should I worry about misuse for my account?
A: If you taken the steps to delete your credit card/billing information and changed your password temporary, it should be safe. If you’re paranoid about someone stealing your account, only share with people that you really, really trust

Q: Can’t I just make a sub-account and use that to share the games?
A: Not sure if this is allowed, but someone could try and report the results

Q: I just received the game from the sender and the game won’t play, help!
A: In order to play the game on your PS3, the game must be activated AND the user account that was used to download the game must stay on your PS3. For example, say you created user account “User1” on your local Playstation 3 and you downloaded a full version of Lemmings. After you download the game, you MUST keep “User1” on your Playstation 3 in order for the game to run on your PS3. If you somehow delete the user account, you must relogin with the sender’s account and redownload the game. If the game is still on your HDD, simply redownload then cancel to re-authorize the game.

Q: Do I have to login with the sender’s account to play the game?
A: No, it just needs to be authorized on your PS3. You can play the game using your account thereafter. Just do not delete the user account as mentioned above or else the game will be locked out.

Q: I’m trying to download the game from the Playstation store but it is not appearing in the store. Where is it?
A: Games that are purchased disappear from the store. You have to download the game going through the “Download List” screen on the upper right of the Playstation Store.

Q: How many times can I share a game?
A: The store says you can share up to 5 different Playstation 3’s.


I would like to say that racecar is a GREAT person to work with.

I know this should be on the feedback forum but I said something earlier in the thread about him ripping me off but he didnt.

Thanks again racecar and thanks SRKers for being nice about sharing games


probably everybody on this forum has this game but I have STHD and I’m looking for 1942, Super Stardust HD and Wipeout HD.


i have mk2 and sfhd. looking for tekken…someone help me out =|


this doesnt work you need the account that actually bought the game and downloaded it


I have: Street Fighter HD, Jeopardy, Super Stardust HD, Echochrome, Pixeljunk Monsters, Wipeout HD, Flow, and Puzzle fighter

Not really looking for any game in particular but PM me to suggest a trade.

Edit: willing to trade for Lumines supernova


Willing to share the following for Lumines Supernova/Suikoden:

Wild Arms
Syphon Filter
T5DR Online
Puzzle Fighter HD
Mega Man 9 (Complete add-ons)
HD Remix


Being the holiday season I’ll share some PSN love. I have (on the top of my head)

- Street fighter HD (duh)

- Puzzle fighter

- Super stardust HD

- Wipeout HD

- Mk2

- bionic commando

- calling all cars

**Hit me up! **

**p.s. **

If anyone is willing to trade Tekken for any of these that would be great but no biggie.


Hey, if anyone’s feeling particularly kind hearted and can let me get SFHDR from them it would be much appreciated.
I don’t have anyting to trade just yet as i just got my PS3 yesterday, SFHDR isn’t available on the UK PSN yet, i tried to use Entropay to get it from the US store but can’t get it to work.
I’m dying to get my hands on the game so please help if you can!


If anyone was wondering, christ0pher (couple posts above) is probably secretly Santa Clause… he just made my (day after) Christmas :smiley:


LOL…Thanks for the kind words. If anyone else is interested in whatever I got just hit me up.


did anyone share tekken with you yet christopher? seems like i cant get the hookup on tekken…=(


Nope :sad:

lol. Its cool though.