The PSN Game Trading/Sharing Thread [07-09 members read the first post]


Do u have anything else beside the costumes cuz i have all of them already but i have 4 slot open for my HD remix… lol any game i dont already have will do…


I’m sorry about that. Didn’t read that part I guess, ignore my trading post. Sorry again. :sweat:


Had a smooth trade with jackofarcades :tup:


ill looking for:

crash commando
sf4 dlc
burnout dlc
sackboy run theme
force unleashed dlc
castelvania sotn
puzzle fighter hd

have :

burnout paradise


Offering: Fat Princess, SSFT2HD, Velocity Bowling, Tekken 5 DR, FFVII, Twisted Metal 2, SFIV costume packs

Asking: Zombie Apocalypse, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders

I will not trade with 08/09ers.


If anyone can send me Marvel I’d greatly appriciate it. I dpon’t have anything to trade anymore cuz of my PSN situation. THis is also why I can’t get Marvel again myself. I don’t wanna pay twice


are you interested in burnout? i think i have a slot left on marvel but how will i know? i lost count of the trades and i traded a lot with two accounts :frowning: but ive traded burnout just one time. (yes the account)


No, not interested in burnout.


ok ill check if i have a slot left for marvel and i let u know


I have:
Wipeout HD
High Velocity Bowling
Pixel Junk Monsters
Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix

Looking For:
Fat Princess
Zombie Apocalypse
Castlevania SotN


anybody with the full costumes of sf4? i deleted the game data and i lost them. i had them via trade :frowning:

all i got now is burnout.


Yeesh. I haven’t been here since late last year. :coffee:

All SF4 Alternate Costumes
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Tekken 5: DR
Ragdoll Kungfu: Fists of Plastic
Linger In Shadows
Mortal Kombat 2
Twisted Metal 2
Spyro 1

Just looking for Puzzle Fighter. :wonder:


:xeye: WHOOPS!!! Looks like I forgot to read the rules… dood!

~Yeah Dood 120%[/COLOR]


Thread’s been dead for a while but here goes nothing.

I currently have two accounts, looking for people to share into it (purchase things on it) if interested.

Account 1: Currently has AE, looking for someone to buy 3SO when it comes out.
Account 2: Playstation move account with tumble and echochrome 2. Interested in putting more move games on there like dead space extraction.


who wants to hook me up??

super sirlin fighter mix
wipeout HD
little big planet
modnation (PSP)

super slow fighter 4 AE update
arcana master chibi heart fighter 3
marvel 3 jill/shuma

my main psn is Snaaake718 pm here or psn me. let me know who you are plz. thx!!


The old thread with the rules in it seems to be gone, what’s the new rules?
Anyway, I’m interested in the costumes.


I have Marvel2,marvel3 jill/shuma bbcs2 plat,ff8,xenogears,legend of mana,parastie eve,I have most the outfits for ssf4 I want fat princess,black ops maps (the new one)


i have both watchmen games, all sf4 costumes. some ssf4 costumes, yun/yang/e ryu/oni costumes, hard corps uprising, moon diver, and crash bandicoot 2. i really want FF8 and xenogears so let me know if you wanna talk.

EDIT: reading fail. i did not see what you wanted.


Have: MvC2, LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid
Want: SSF4:AE and if possible, the costume packs as well. I will only fuck with people that have over 100 posts. My PSN is DJKg56. HMU on PSN or through a PM!


I can trade out SSF4: AE for a PC code if any of you went to EVO.