The PSN Game Trading/Sharing Thread [07-09 members read the first post]


Anyone have umvc3 alts by chance or any RPGs?


Does anybody have the Borderlands with the 4 expansion packs? Or just the expansion packs are fine.

I have:
Third Strike
Dead Nation
Final Fantasy 7
Dungeon Defenders


Nothing else you’re looking for? I sooo want skullgirls

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I have:

Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X
Metal Gear Solid

Looking for:
Street Fighter IV AE


Do you have Borderlands DLC?


Anyone have MK9 dlc? I still have the same stuff on my list if anyone wants to trade.


any way I can find out if I am sharing with anyone?

I have turd strike but I cant remember if I actually shared it with anyone:eek:


you didn’t share it with anyone n3


ok trade re2 for turd strike so you can lose 17-0 until I get tired/bored ??


UMVC3 Jill dlc
3rd strike

Mvc origins



Message me at OmfgToast I got 3rd strike for ya


I have:
Resident Evil 2, 4, Veronica X
Silent Hill 1
Metal Gear Solid

looking for mvc2 or 3s


I had a good experience with Verstande. No problems what so ever. 10/10 Would trade with again.


Same here, I had a trusted trade with TONICK, no problems whatsoever.


Got some new shares for you guys; not really picky with what you have…just PM me what you guys are offering.

NCAA '13
Batman: Arkham City (the latter in the series)
Chrono Trigger
Metal Gear Solid
All current Battlefield 3 DLC content
KOF '99

…and some others I can’t remember. I can generate a full list upon request.


so has someone found a way around the whole 2 systems active per download?? if so I have plenty to offer otherwise nada


Lets hope I have more luck finding what I want here than at cheapassgamer. ;A;

Have: Paypal
Want: Blazblue:CS DLC characters minus Makoto, KoF XII DLC characters, flOw and it’s DLC, and Prince of Persia '08.


You can deactivate all the active accounts that are using your PSN on a PC, but from there I don’t know.