The PSN Game Trading/Sharing Thread [07-09 members read the first post]


thanks! ill hook you up


damn bro your just 18 …i feel old. lol
your welcome


Yo all I got is Super Street Fighter 2 HDR, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HDR, and Tekken 5. All I want is Castlevania SOTN and Bionic Commando if anyone is willing to share with me that would be most appreciated.


im looking puzzle fighter 2 HDR

got sf hd remix to trade


I’ve got Wipeout HD and HD Remix, looking for Soldner X and MM9.

PM if interested!


I have the exclusive Killzone 2 demo Not available via PS store. Will consider any offer would love tekken


I have a question, can you share games you got from a trade? Lets say I traded SFHD for Wipeout, can I then trade wipeout to someone else?

If not I have these games for trade:
Bionic Commando
Stardust HD
Street Fighter 2 HD
Crash Commandos
Soldner X

And if you can share someones shared game, I also have

Wipeout HD
and in the future
Mega Man 9

Im looking for:
Tekken 5 online


Nope… the game is tied to the account of the person you downloaded it off of and this process just allows you to download their game to your hard drive for good times


I have Bionic Comando Rearmed

Is that one shareable?


looking for T5-online package, had it before but someone i traded with here screwed me

so i need t5-online and i have sfhdr to trade, hit me asap
Thanks >:D


no one wants to trade for tekken? i needs it bad


I think everyone is waiting for T6 lol.

I know I am


true but thats still a while away, and i need my training innnnnnnn


Currently in trade with Enumasam - I’ll let you all know how it goes.

EDIT: Smooth trade with Enumasam.

adds 1 to Enumasam’s “trade rep”


still need Tekken 5 online for sfhd :[


will some trade me puzzle fighter hd for sfhd or mkII?


looking for ST:HDR

a bunch of rock band songs (off the top of my head, Move Along, SpiderWebs, YYZ, Monsoon, Snow (Hey Oh), crushcrushcrush)
Pixeljunk: Monsters


I have;

HD Remix
Tekken 5 DR
1942 Joint Strike
Linger in Shadows
Kicks Theme (:D)

Looking for;

Those Penny Arcade games (if they’re decent)
Anything else co-op (that isnt Bionic Commando, Pixeljunk)
Either Castlevania

Also, have traded with CptMunta before, he’s good quality.


Still looking for Bionic Commando and Castelvania SOTN.

Will trade Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Super Puzzle Fighter HD Remix, and/or Tekken 5 Online Expansion. I even have Tekken 5 without the expansion.


tekken 5 mi amigos, i want it
i hhave