The PSN Game Trading/Sharing Thread [07-09 members read the first post]


I’m in the exact same situation -_-

Looking for Tekken 5 and all I have is STHD.


i got a question about tekken 5 dr, if you bought a japanese one or asia one through psn asia or japan, do you connect to the usa network?


I have (bought) the following games

The Last Guy
Twisted Metal 2
Crash Commando
Magic Ball
Trials of Topaq
SuperSonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars
Pain (with some add-ons)

I also have (through trading) - meaning no point in offering these games

Tekken 5 DR online
Pixel Junk Eden
Pixel Junk Monsters
Linger in Shadows
Super Stardust HD
Wipeout HD
Fatal Inertia EX
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix
Siren: Blood Curse
Mortal Kombat II
Burnout Paradise


No, it locks you into the region from which you bought it.


ST HD Remix
Mortal Kombat 2
Spyro 1
Twisted Metal 2
Linger in Shadows

The Last Guy
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue :coffee:
Pretty much anything, really

PM me or post please


I sent you a PM about this earlier but after reading this:

I’ll pass.


I’ve been hearing that Burnout Paradise (PSN download) is shareable from a few people. Anyone have any further sight into this?

EDIT: Yeah I found out that you can share this game as well.


Smooth trade with corp just completed! thumbs up

Updated list:

Bionic Commando Rearmed
Super Stardust HD + Team expansion

Pixeljunk Eden, but I may be out of downloads on it (4 people have downloaded it off me)

Prince of Persia Classic
Soldner X
Magic Ball
Ratchet & Clank


I’d like to make a suggestion. For everyone who has successfully traded with someone in this thread, can the author update the 1st post with trustworthy users? Also, I read where someone got burnt (2nd page i think) so an untrustworthy list would be nice too. Can you hook it up?


I have T5 DR but just the single player, is there still a way for me to get the online upgrade?


I have a question about a New User account. Why can’t we just change the login on our Main account and download from there? Also, if we do absolutely need a New User account, if we trade with multiple users, can we use the same New User account and just change the PSN login? Or do we need to create a New User for everyone we trade with?


Just had a smooth trade with koga316

You have to create a new user for every person you trade with because if you try to login with your main account you’ll get an error message saying “you cannot login to another user’s account!”… hence why I have users trade1-5 on my system right now

Regarding a naughty and nice list… it might be easier if we just perhaps make a new “PSN Game Share feedback” thread?


Is everyone familiar with the “5 PS3 activations limit”? I encountered that yesterday and I had to do some research to figure it out. It’s different than the “5 download limit” and it’s been implemented to further limit game sharing. It made me rethink who I wanted to share with since I’d much rather a long term arrangement rather than a single game trade with this limit.


So… what’s the difference? o_O


Well, like the previous user said you can only share games on 5 different PS3s. When you login with someone else’s info it automatically “activates” 1 of the 5 slots. If you have a bricked system and sent it in…that’s a slot lost forever. This sucks because instead of sharing with unlimited people with 5 downloads per game, you’re limited to sharing with 4 people total now… The only way around this is to “deactivate” a PS3 under Account Management, System Activation. But once you do that, the games that were downloaded to that PS3 become unplayable. You can try this with your own PS3 without anything bad happening.

I just wanted to warn some of the users here because I see a lot of people wanting to trade single games and shit. You might want to reconsider and find some people who you can trust. The same people you can share with every few months or so.


Perhaps we could start making secondary accounts after primary account has maxed out? That way any new games purchased will be on a separate account. Looked into deactivating accounts, but I think that disables whatever game you have downloaded from the person…

On another note, is anyone planning on getting/want fl0wer which comes out later this week?
We could possibly set up a game share or if someone’s willing to offer me ratchet and clank / prince of persia classic I’ll buy+trade it with you.


If they got stuff off of you…unfortunately you lost out big time. He lost a slot too even though you weren’t able to get anything so if it was because of a 5 DL limit and not the 5 activation limit you might want to see about getting something off of him in the future. It’d only be fair.


Ask him to deactivate your account or offer something in return… though I guess if it’s some random person that probably won’t work.

Oddly enough, I just counted that my account has been activated 6x already (including myself) so I’m not sure what’s going on there…


If nobody logged in under your account you’re straight.

retry: Somethings not right there bro. 1 of them must not be activated.


Is anyone planning to get either flower or noby noby boy? I’m planning to get one or the either if someone else wants to grab one and trade