The PSN Game Trading/Sharing Thread [07-09 members read the first post]


needs t5 hoes, i have hd


I’ m curious now, who here has activated my account? I’m pretty sure only 2 people, one of which is McVegett0. Who’s the other?


Just got flower if anyone’s interested in trading

Looking for:
Ratchet and clank: quest for booty
Prince of Persia classic
Noby Noby boy (next week)
Puzzle Quest maybe?


This isn’t new. It’s been there forever. You could always download something unlimited # of times to a system, as long as that system is Activated. So I can uninstall and download a game 100 times to my system if I wanted.

And it’s 4 OTHER PS3s for whoever said 5 others. 5 total including yourself so that means 4 friends.


Just had (another) successful interaction with corp

Think for people who are afraid of the account activation limit screwing them up, my only suggestion is to make one game bought/account and you’ll be able to maximize the number of activations you can do on your account; in other words make it as if it were 5 downloads/game rather than 5 activations/account. So long as you’re willing to go through the trouble of making that many accounts at least (depending on how many games you plan to purchase)


Has anyone bothered to get Noby Noby Boy? That’s the only PSN game of late that sounds (strange) and intriguing… too cheap to shell out that $5 myself without hearing from others though


No clue how this works, but I got LBP stuff and all SF4 costumes. I want Burnout xD.


Ive got tekken dro, hd remix and bionic commando rearmed, trade any of them for the femme fatale street fighter 4 pack anyone?


ill trade


anyone want mkII, sfhdrmx, or ghost n goblins (psp…supposedly you can download it to the ps3 hd for play) for puzzle fighter? pm me.


I looking for a long time trade partner…

** I will not trade with 08 OR 09 **

Loco Roco Cocoreccho
PUssle fighter
Bioshock challenge rooms
SC4 customize equip 1 and 2
HD remix
Brawler Pack

right now im only looking for socom confrontation , the femme pack , pixel junk monsters… but feel free to tell me what else you have if I like your selection Ill trade with you.


Does anyone know if Pain is tradeable? I traded someone for Pain in return and the single player/multiplayer have locks on them.


I have:

Blast Factor
Lumines Supernova
Go! Puzzle
Soldner X
Tekken DRO
SF4 Femme Fatale pack
SCIV DLC pack 1
Super Stardust HD
Loco Roco PS3

Looking for Watchmen The End is Nigh or Noby Noby Boy.


what games do you have? i’ll trade anyone costume packs for tekken


^^ i have the shadowloo pack and the rest of the other packs. what games do you have? i’m specifically looking for tekken…


I’ve got the Shadaloo pack and Flower

looking for:
Ratchet and Clank
Soldner X
Magic Ball (to reactivate…)
Blast Factor
LBP costumes/MGS pack (to reactivate… sigh)

and a bunch of older games
By reactivate, I mean I had those games prior to hard drive upgrade =\

Big thanks and props to corp though, he’s been super helpful in letting me get a bunch of my old games back.


I got:

all sf4 costume packs
hd remix

looking for anything :looney:


Good trades with Amebix720!

Bad trades to hayzink

Scammed me off for the last slot of my Flower account


lol funny, and you said the things that I did successfully download were bought items. Cool. I wonder why your thread was closed.


Does anyone have Disgaea3 DLC? I’m willing to trade SF4 Costume Packs (female and shadaloo pack) for Disgaea3 DLC (especially Prier).