The PSN Game Trading/Sharing Thread [07-09 members read the first post]


I’ve got:

PS1 -
Mortal Kombat II
Street Fighter Alpha

Tekken 5: DR
MVC2 3 left
SST2: HD Remix
Fat Princess 3 left
Rag Doll Kung Fu
Resistance 2 Map Pack
SFIV - Female Costume Pack
LBP Metal Gear Solid Kit
LBP SF Costumes
Crash Commando
Mega Man 9
Bionic Commando: Rearmed
Pixel Junk Eden
Pixel Junk Monsters
Puzzle Figher HD-Remix
Lumines Supernova
Magic Ball

Little Big Planet DLC
Burn Zombie Burn
Pixel Junk expansions
Wipeout HD
The Last Guy

But anything else you have I’ll probably be interested in, too.


I got all the packs and will give you any that you don’t already have all for Fat Princess.

Let me know.


I Have:

  • Call of Duty 4 Map Pack
    -Wipeout HD
    -Wipeout HD Fury DLC Pack
    -Tekken 5 DR
    -SST2: HD Remix
    -Super Stardust HD
    -Marvel vs Capcom 2

I Want:

-Burnout Paradise
-Fat Princess
-Siren Blood Curse (1-12) ( I will count this as 2-3 games)
-Blazeblue additional colors DLC



  • MvC2


  • Fat Princess.


Is anyone interested in trading Fat Princess for ANY of these Games/DLC?

All SF4 DLC packs
HD Remix

If anyone is interested shoot me a PM.


:xeye: WHOOPS!!! Looks like I forgot to read the rules… dood!

~Yeah Dood 120%[/COLOR]


yeah thx sorry i really didnt saw the rules
but what funny is while i was about to read the rules i logged on my ps3 and some jay-zay offerted me to trade and before i could answer yes or no he already sent me his email and password and asked me for mine… so yeah… i went on tried to log in on his account to see if he’s serious or a scammer before proceeding the transaction (i was ready to take the risk) but lol account didnt work then i told him and he just deleted me from his list amazing dude camping the forum to try ripping people. i’m just saying this so if you guys ever want to trade even if he’s a premium member or green thingy if it’s “Jay-Zay” DONT DO IT
PS. jay if you reading my post dude… go get a life and work for your money then you can get mvc2 by yourself


Uhm you say get a life and work for your money yet you posted in a game trading thread with the intent to trade in the first place. Yes, he’s a dirt bag but you’re basically putting yourself down.

EDIT: And no, I’m not this Jay Z guy. lol


trading is fine but trying to rip people that’s not right that’s what i mean


still looking for:

crash commando
sf4 dlc
burnout dlc
sackboy run theme
force unleashed dlc
castelvania sotn
puzzle fighter hd

have :

burnout paradise


Jay-Zay also tried to scam me.

Edit: Always ask for someone’s SRK username before trading.


Hey man I sent you a friend request so we could get that trade going SF4 DLC for Fat Princess but you haven’t responded =( Well I’ll be on for a few hours if you want to get it done tonight if not just hit me up whenever I’m on.

Edit: Hey dawg just wanted to give you a heads up since your from another state that me and my bro’s share this username(cronoxten) so if you msg and I don’t respond it’s cause my bro is probably on but trust that I’ll get back to you as soon as I get on. I usually log on late night 12am-whenever but I’ma try getting on 2pm PCT so that should be 4-5pm your time.


Just wanted to say I had a good trade with Darkmage.


Thanks again bro I hope that all my future trades go as smoothly as this one went.

Even though now my bro won’t get off FP and leaving me fiended out for my usual midnight mahvel =*(

EDIT: If anyone is interested in trading for any of these items please feel free to send me a PM.


I’m pretty much interested in anything at this point.


Just had a smooth trade with rusteezzy if anyone trades with him in the future; seven thumbs up!

Edit: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:


Same goes for Retry real professional will trade with him again :tup:


Ne 1 have Whipout HD/Fury or Lumines supernova will trade multiple games, fat princess ,battle tank bomberman


:xeye: WHOOPS!!! Looks like I forgot to read the rules… dood!

~Yeah Dood 120%[/COLOR]


:xeye: WHOOPS!!! Looks like I forgot to read the rules… dood!

~Yeah Dood 120%[/COLOR]


:xeye: WHOOPS!!! Looks like I forgot to read the rules… dood!

~Yeah Dood 120%[/COLOR]